in Paris, a Street Art wall transformed into a revolutionary pamphlet!

in Paris, a Street Art wall transformed into a revolutionary pamphlet!

2 August 2019 2 By Séverine

The Ordener wall, located in the north of the 18th district of Paris, has been dedicated to Street Art for decades. There were mainly graffiti with highly worked Blaze focusing on urban cultures: Hip Hop, Rap, … But here it is; in recent weeks the wall has really changed face and taken a libertarian twist, even revolutionary. For the first time, the Ordener wall becomes the witness of our French news, witnessing the economic crisis, police violence against yellow vests, … As the new frescoes begin to be covered with graffiti, I went there before everything has disappeared. I am registering as a witness of this change!


The Desperate Man of Gustave Courbet reinterpreted by PBOY: We love it!

Impossible not to put this incredible fresco on the cover of my article! Its realization is magic! Pointillism made with aerosol for incredible rendering! The artist Pascal Boyart, aka PBOY, is not only a libertarian artist; but he reinterprets brilliantly the works of painters such as Gustave Courbet, Edouard Manet, or Gustave Delacroix. A committed and innovative artist, he denounces in his works the current financial system and inserts in each of his frescoes a QR Code to receive donations in Bitcoin. You will understand that this talented artist is transgressive and personally I find it quite exciting; since he manages to finance his paintings thanks to generous donors.


Parisian graffriti Crews take a stand for yellow vests

The Ordener wall has changed in a few weeks and as you will understand, I will try to stay factual in talking to you.Far from me the idea of ​​entering political debates, even if these new frescoes are totally covering the French politic situation.

The crews CKT and CP5, having some well known artists as Barth Le Sablier or Sun.C allied themselves with the protest movement Black Lines Community; a movement where the politically correct has no place.

They denounce police violence, broken promises, censorship …. As you can see in my photos, the images are powerful and we feel a certain amount of violence, even discomfort watching them. They are the reflection, very realistic, of the terrible clashes that took place in France in the past months.

I come to this fresco which made me cold in the back. And I would like you to tell me in comment your feelings. Personally I had the strange feeling that she was calling for violence and it bothered me. But, I still want to show it to you, because it is there, on the Ordener wall with this provocative text “Jesus was a Black Block”. Frankly if you have a minute and an opinion; I would be happy to know it!

Fresque révolutionnaire "Jesus was a Black Block" par le collectif Black Lines Community sur le mur Ordener à Paris

“Jesus was a Black Block” – Black Lines Community – Copyright : @Altinnov


Fortunately, Street Art in Paris is also lightness!

I’m not going to hide it, I found the atmosphere around the Ordener wall was heavy, almost scary. But as I told you at the beginning of the article; the fun side of Street Art is gradually taking over. So I’m going to finish this article with a lighter Street Art; which is in complete offset with the previous frescoes!

Fresque murale réalisée par Sun.C et le 934 Crew Mur Ordener Paris

Sunc.C & 934 Crew – Copyright : @Altinnov

Fresque murale représentant Angélina Jolie - réalisée par Andrew Wallas sur le mur Ordener Paris

Angélina Jolie par Andrew Wallas – Copyright : @Altinnov

The Ordener wall is really long; so you can find all my fresco pictures and graffiti on my Instagram.

If you have the time and the desire, I invite you to travel with me in France at Street Art City, in Lyon and also in the small Spanish village of Salvador Dalí; Cadaquès!

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See you soon for new walks around Street Art.