Séverine Thery-Perez rédactrice du blog Street Art & LifeStyle Altinnov.blogI spent more than 20 years supporting major IT brands in their communication in France. I launched a lot of innovations at the beginning of my career; and then  big brands started to do what is called “reiteration” : Launch a well known product  version 4, then 5 then 6  by adding unnecessary features; trying to make the consumer believe (so you) that you absolutely need it …

In recent years I have worked for smaller brands, start-ups that have real innovative products and top compared to the competition; but the French market is quite locked up; resellers and distributors take a nice margin and at the end these top products in terms of quality and functionality never really reach the French market … That’s for the work part!

But here’s my passion is Contemporary Art and Street Art; I prefer talking to you about my discoveries in Urban Arts, Street Art’s temples, whether in Paris, Lyon, New York … to stay behind an office! As you can imagine, I have written a lot of reports and press releases read mainly by journalists. Today by writing  this blog it is with you all that I am sharing my passion! And I hope that you will discover to new places, talented artists and more. Of course I will also talk about High Tech products; but only those I buy! Surveys that I do before buying a product, and other tips. The last part of this blog is dedicated to Lifestyle … But again there is no question of making a “shopping blog”! But to talk about lifestyle, ethical consumption and tips, and existing Apps to no longer be fooled by consumer lobbies. It’s up to you to see the articles that interest you and those that do not interest you at all; do not hesitate to make your comments; the idea being that of sharing; I will be listening to you in all circumstances.

By these few words I welcome you and if you’d prefer discovering my Street Art Walks on a map, I have done a very special one for you;-)