Séverine Thery-Perez rédactrice du blog Street Art & LifeStyle Altinnov.blog

I spent more than 20 years supporting major IT brands in their communication in France. I launched a lot of innovations at the beginning of my career; and then the big brands started to do what we call “reiteration”… Launching with a big marketing budget a version 4, then 5 then 6 of their products by adding useless functionalities; trying to make the consumer (so you) believe that you absolutely need it…

In the last few years I’ve worked for smaller brands, start-ups that have real innovative products that are better than the competition! The Coronavirus has been there, which in the end allows me to spend more time developing the blog… A blessing in disguise, since I love sharing my discoveries with you!


That’s for the work part! But my passion is Contemporary Art and Street Art; I prefer to wander around looking for Urban Art, whether in Paris, Lyon, New York,… than to stay behind a desk! As you can imagine, I have written a lot of press releases, which were mainly read by journalists. Today, by writing on this blog, I am sharing with all of you! And I hope to make you discover new places, talented artists and more.

That’s it! It’s up to you to see which articles interest you and which ones don’t; don’t hesitate to comment; the idea being that of sharing; I’ll be listening to you in all circumstances.

With these few words I welcome you and if you wish to discover in another way all my Street Art strolls, I concocted you a small map of the World 😉

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