The best Parisian Street Art’s aperitif is at Le Rosa Bonheur in Asnières !

The best Parisian Street Art’s aperitif is at Le Rosa Bonheur in Asnières !

5 November 2019 0 By Séverine

Real Street Art’s fans will smile as they all know that best Street Art Works are not necessarily inside the big cities but mainly on the suburbs! Paris is not an exception and we all know how Parisian have difficulties going out of the city! I can laugh about it as I am a Parisian, but I also can laugh if Americans thinks they will have to access a No Go Zone for discovering Street Art! No way, you will be safe; the Street Art in Asnières is in a really safe place named Le Rosa Bonheur.

Le Rosa Bonheur à l’Ouest is what we call a guinguette, it is on the river Seine, and you can do everything you were doing in old french tavern, hang out with friends and family, have some drinks*, eat fresh food done by Patricia the summer or a pizza old fashion during the winter. Not to mention the delicious oysters you can have at a very affordable pricing.

Pause romantique au Rosa Bonheur à l’Ouest – Copyright : @Altinnov

This guinguette is on a very particular place, on the North you can have an Urbex view, and you can also seat on a romantic place under trees… Everything is up to you there and everybody is more than nice and welcoming. Who ever you are you will find real open mind people there!


Let’s talk about serious things! The Street Art in Asnières !

It is not by chance if the French artist Pimax and his friends came with they spray bombs to color the 300 longer wall that separate de road from the banks. Yes between Pimax and the Rosa Bonheur, or should I say the founder of Rosa Bonheur, it is a long friendship story.

As soon as we begin the descent on the Seine’s banks the tone is given. A fireworks of colorful graffitis surrounds you, wether it’s sunny or not, it’s worth a look!

We can find there the famous Nourf character created by Pimax in all its forms : DJs, Skaters,.. And then on a barbecue tortured by Cranio Artes ! Personally the only work I had seen from him was in Soho NYC; so it was a very nice surprise to discover this work of Fabio de Oliveira Parnaiba (alias Cranio) in Asnières. especially because this artist is from Sao Paolo!

Street Art : oeuvre réalisée par Cranio artes & Pimax à PAris

Oeuvre de CRANIO & PIMAX – Copyright : @Altinnov


A beautiful wall for all the graffiti crews!

Whether they are from Paris or elsewhere; we find their the big name’s of France. The famous, funny and totally out of law miss Laky.K-156, the CKTcrew (I told you about them in my previous article  rue Ordener in the 18th  of Paris) and many others… If you like the great blazes; Rosa Bonheur is a place for you!

This Street Art wall in Asnières could make you crazy!

In fact it is difficult to know where to begin, and it is the same for my article; because there is stuff to see everywhere in every corner. It is an explosion!

On the enormous fresco we find the pretty character of the Thai Artist  Alex Face, a little further, angel guardians of your parties, the totems of Ernesto Novo And then these sparkling invaders, no I do not speak of those in mosaic, but many new invaders like small colored robots belong to the French artist BEFA who only start his invasion!

The Street Art’s caravan, a timeless place for a quiet drink*.

Going to the bridge, there is this caravan full of color… A collective work that represents well the spirit of the place. We find the Pimax Nourf, the BEFA invader, the recognisable pandas done by Jessy Doudou, the iconic character of Fabrice Wuze. In fact this is a very nice melting pot full of joy and also link to our French childhood with the character of Candy done on the other side by  EXE.

Wuze, BEFA, Jessy Doudou sur la caravane du Rosa Bonheur - Copyright : @Altinnov

Wuze, BEFA, Jessy Doudou sur la caravane du Rosa Bonheur – Copyright : @Altinnov

Candy par EXE sur la caravane du Rosa Bonheur - Copyright : @Altinnov

Candy par EXE sur la caravane du Rosa Bonheur – Copyright : @Altinnov


A new edition of this “Graffiti Festival” at Rosa Bonheur in Asnières will take place every year in June for the pleasure of our eyes!

You thought that Pimax and the Rosa Bonheur Team were going to stop in such a good way? No way, between two confinements in June 2020 they did it again! And I think this will really make you decide to cross the ring road. Because at the call of Pimax the legends of the Parisian graffiti like Psyckoze Nolimit, Zenoy, Dize156, Jo Ber, Artof Popof, and many others came to put their blaze at Rosa Bonheur! Small cherry on the cake the artist Seth GlobePainter offered us a very very beautiful gift. The proof in image with the ” Direct ” that I made this day 😉 A Direct a little bit on the fly since it’s the 1st time I used this function of Facebook!

I don’t have the time to write pages and pages, nor even to show you all the works added last year; but here is the setting is really nice, the welcome warm and the prices more than reasonable; the whole surrounded by acidulous Street Art which is all but calculated! It’s worth it to pass the ring road! You can trust me.

Rosa Bonheur Asnières - Dize156 - Pyskoze Nolimit - Seth GlobePainter

Dize156, Psykoze Nolimit & Seth Glopainter au Rosa Bonheur d’Asnières – Photo @Altinnov


If you have taken the plunge and enjoyed this walk on the other side of the Parisian ring road, then like me, put on your sneakers and head for Vitry-sur-Seine or Aubervilliers. I promise you will discover some rare gems!


A la découverte du plus beau mur de Street Art et Graffitis au Rosa Bonheur d'Asnières sur Seine ! - Photo @Altinnov

A la découverte du plus beau mur de Street Art et Graffitis au Rosa Bonheur d’Asnières sur Seine ! – Photo @Altinnov

See you very soon for new Street Art adventures & again a Big Up to our friend Pimax for his welcome 😉



*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health