Graffiti and Street Art in Cadaqués, Salvador Dali’s village! It’s surreal!

Graffiti and Street Art in Cadaqués, Salvador Dali’s village! It’s surreal!

27 June 2019 0 By Séverine

Graffiti and Street Art in the land of surrealism; it’s like finding a needle in a haystack … Cadaqués, this beautiful little village wedged between sea and mountain is above all; the village of Salvador Dali! Tourists from all over the world flock here to visit his house in Port Lligat or go around the numerous art galleries of the village … And then there are also those who come only for the photogeny of the place; just magic! be there for sunrise or sunset and you will never forget it!

Graffiti & Street Art in the Riera de Cadaqués

As you understand I will show you the hidden face of Cadaqués: La Riera! It is in fact a kind of channel into which the waters of the mountain flow to reach the sea. In a few words; it’s a horrible concrete channel!

During the Temporada, the summer season, the market is held there every Monday. But doing my market this summer; I noticed bits of graffitis, drawings and scribbles behind the market stalls. Unfortunately the other days the Riera turns into a vast parking lot and what is more if there is no wind there is a stifling heat; I waited until autumn to see these graffitis more closely!

Between astonishment and beautiful surprises; I discovered throughout this canal vintage graffiti damaged by the water coming from the mountain; but also real frescoes of Street Art! All this mixing with children’s drawings. A journey full of surprises as you can discover with my photos..

In conclusion

If you spend a day in Cadaqués to visit the house of Salvador Dali or enjoy the Natural Park that includes the village; do not hesitate to take a ride in the Riera; those who love street art and graffiti will love it. And for others it will certainly be a disconcerting discovery, but quite funny considering that you will be walking in a canal. Be careful though because it will not be accessible if it rained too much!


See you soon for an upcoming walk and do not hesitate to visit my Instagram where you will find all my photos of the Riera 😉

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See you soon for others discoveries!