When Banksy plays with the art market. He also participates!

When Banksy plays with the art market. He also participates!

27 June 2019 0 By Séverine

You have not been able to miss in the news last year, the famous work of Banksy which barely adjudged over the Million of £ has self-destroyed in front of the faces dismayed by the leading luminaries of the art world participant at this sale at Sotheby’s.


Banksy is playing the art market!

Nobody knows Banksy; he is the most incognito Street Art artist in the world; his works usually sell for around $ 20,000 and he has proven time and time again his lack of affection for the art market. October 12, 2013; he sets up a booth not far from Central Park in New York and sells his paintings estimated at around $ 20,000 for only $60!  Amazement: the public does not want them, as you can see on the video of this action … He sells some paintings and must even make sale!

Banksy hits a second time in the auction room at Sotheby’s!

The Sotheby’s auction room is packed! Normal this sale of an original work by Banksy “The Little Girl with the Red Balloon” takes place in full week of the contemporary art fair “Frieze Art Fair” which takes place in London.

When Banksy’s canvas shreds under the dumbfounded eyes of buyers; the image goes around the world; some say that Banksy is playing with the art market; others believe immediately that this work that has turned into performance will double in value. The most critical critics of the art market welcome this stroke of genius Banksy.


A stroke of genius well orchestrated that goes in the direction of the art market!

A few seconds after this moment of stupor the famous artist without face publishes this post on Instagram including the quote “the desire to destroy is also a creative desire”.

This stroke of genius could also be the marketing coup of this decade! How can you imagine that Banksy did not have an ally of weight in the room to trigger the mechanism? Maybe he was himself in the room? Perhaps Sotheby’s House was also in the secret; because this hat trick has shone the spotlight of all media on this famous auction house at the same time as the artist. Nice shot of Pub!

According to art market specialists this act of partial self-destruction would have doubled the price of the work and blew the artist’s rib!

In fact I ask myself two small questions since this incredible event: Who benefits from the crime? What kind of man is really hiding behind Banksy signature?

If you have the answer, you are welcome 😉 And if you want to discover other artists, less known but nevertheless very talented, do not hesitate to surf in my section Culture, you will love it!