Cannes: monumental mural frescoes in tribute to the Cinema!

Cannes: monumental mural frescoes in tribute to the Cinema!

27 June 2019 0 By Séverine

What a funny idea I had to absolutely want to find Street Art in Cannes! Impossible is not French ; but difficult yes! So I decided to take a tour of the city focusing on Frescos Murales whose theme is obviously the Cinema!

Magical and monumental frescoes far from the window that is La Croisette!

It was in 2002 that the adventure of these frescoes began; the town hall decides to embellish some neighborhoods that are not touristic and not very glamorous as the Cannes Festival! They’ve build a great program of realization of mural frescoes with thematic Cinema; which is not a surprise.

They have not asked artists to make it; what would have been a real plus; but to companies specialized in painted walls and trompe l’oeil; the 3 big winners of this adventure are Atelier Fresqu’île, 7th sense which unfortunately does not exist anymore and Atelier A.Fresco very famous and rewarded many times by the Golden Brush in the world of mural frescos. That’s it, even if I’m disappointed that these frescoes were not made by artists, I had to quote the workshops that made them.

Most of these frescoes are located near a kind of expressway that is above the SNCF railroad tracks; as you have understood far from the tourist areas of Cannes; but close to the real habitants living there all year long. This little ballad allowed me to discover another face of Cannes, more popular, less superficial and quite pleasant enough; the other side of the picture.


The big meeting of all cinemas!

A bit like the Cannes Film Festival; these frescoes are a great jumble of the Cinema; the French cinema of yesteryear rubs the Hollywood blockbusters and I was surprised to see there are more images related to American cinema than French one.


Personally apart from some frescos that are worth seeing like the huge Marilyn Monroe next to the station, Buster Keaton on the boulevard or “Behind the Scene” for the quality of its depth of field; many of them are puzzling. As you can see in the photo I chose to illustrate this post: Mix Louis de Funès with Mickey or Charlie Chaplin makes a very beautiful trompe l’oeil … But question tribute; I find that a little rough. I will not dwell on the subject and just show you all the frescoes that I found on a course of 5 Km; so that you can make your own opinion.

And a little bit of Street Art anyway!

Very funny ! On the mural dedicated to Jane Campion’s The Piano Lesson; an invader is encrusted! Well I did not say my last word on Street Art, I still managed to find some invaders, a nice wall painted and some tags on the railroad voices. You will find all these images on my Instagram.


Of course we can’t compare it with my discovery of the Bushwick Collective in Brooklyn or my walk in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. Tonight return to Paris and I intend to make you discover other places full of Street Art!

See you soon for new adventures!