Street Art Walk in the district of Les Frigos, 13th district of Paris

Street Art Walk in the district of Les Frigos, 13th district of Paris

28 May 2019 0 By Séverine

As you can see in my culture section; I am pretty sensitive to Street Art. So how I had not returned to this area of ​​Paris for years. The idea of ​​starting a Street Art “promenade” in Paris by Les Frigos district was obvious. High place of artistic creation when I arrived in Paris for my studies in the 80’s. Les Frigos was a real village in which it blew a wind of freedom and carelessness. The last time going back before today there was for to the White Nights of 2014 which I had  a beautiful Street Art walk!

Just arrived this morning in the neighborhood, I knew that the works had certainly changed a lot with the time!

I rushed with pleasure in the small street that runs along Les Frigos -or what is left of it-and I could see a lot of graffiti here and there …

les frigos de Paris - paris13 - art-contemporain

But what mattered most to me was still finding beautiful and big frescoes!

1st pretty surprise; a wall of the duet of German artists Hera and Akut that form Herakut; they come from the world of graffiti and since 2004 embellish the walls in France, Germany, Brazil, United States, … Each of their works have discovered a little of their imagination and their characters always have a poetic fairy side … On this fresco of 2016 we can read “Message for children: Even if the time makes it difficult to see, magic exists! (we saw it) »

fresque mural Herakut à paris dans le 13ème arrondissement

There I decide to go by the docks; because a magnificent sun shines on Paris and a small detour to take advantage of it seems to me a wise idea. At the corner of the bank, I have discovered a first painting by Christian Guemy Alias ​​C215; he has a style of his own and recognizable at first glance! What’s more, he like to spray on mailboxes, electrical cabinets, …

oeuvre de Christian Guemy alias C215 sur un boitier electrique à Paris

I continue in the neighborhood and obviously falls on other jewels, a fresco of STOUL, some Invaders and a monumental draw of ROA, Belgian artist who is more than recognized for his bestiary composed of giant creatures!


1st part of a nice walk; but what happened to the works on the other side of the railroads?

So I go down the tunnel of “rue Watts” with hope to see some vertiginous frescoes well preserved. And I am not disappointed !

The rue du Chevaleret is rich in beautiful surprises. 1st monumental fresco is from Tristan Eaton “The Revolution Will Be Trivialized”; a Californian artist who finds his inspirations in the Punk and Skateboard culture!

fresque monumental de Tristan Eaton à Paris. Appelé "The Revolution"Fresque monumentale de l'artiste Gonzalo Borondo nommée "Les trois ages"

The second was and remains my favorite in this part of the neighborhood; although a little damaged the work “The Three ages” of the Spanish Gonzalo Borondo keeps all his power! This artist with academic bases always manages to question us, to worry about each of his achievements. I am certain that those of you who appreciate classical painting should, like me, have a preference for this fresco!


And what’s more in this part of the neighborhood?

Well, I’m not going to show you everything; because above all your pleasure will certainly be that of discovery.

Just to guide you a little; we find works by Atlas, Yzyseult, Spy, Zag & Sia, REKA, Julien Seth Malland, …

To give you a broader idea of ​​what you will see; Take a look at my Instagram photos are geolocalized, so it could help!

See you soon for next discoveries!