Street Art settles in Dax, South West of France, with an incredible coherence

Street Art settles in Dax, South West of France, with an incredible coherence

10 May 2021 0 By Séverine

I know you think it’s strange that I’m taking you to discover Street Art in Dax when Bayonne is the Mecca of urban art in the South West! Well, I don’t like to do what everyone else does and certainly Street Art in Dax is very recent; but the way in which the Muralis Festival has managed the beginning of the Street Art adventure in this small thermal town is a nice example. The choice of artists is delicate, the chosen spots are smart and the works are perfectly integrated in the urban space. Not to mention the redundant theme of water and nature which fits perfectly with the history of the city. The second edition of this young festival was cut short by the Covid and as I was sensitive to the choices made, I had to put for a few moments the small lights of my blog on these promising beginnings. And Dax is only 30 minutes from Bayonne 😉

Street Art Dax - Oeuvre réalisée par l'artiste Lulagoce

Lula Goce – Photo @Altinnov


A nice editorial line for a Street Art that fits smoothly in the city of Dax

Forget the flashy colors of the huge Parisian frescoes… Forget the straight lines and the hard angles of some urban coverings… Here everything is only graphic softness, visual softness. Hush… when you look at a work you could almost hear nature! Very sincerely, few Street Art Festivals manage so well a theme that is the image of the city or its environment.

Street Art DAx - Fresque murale réalisée par Supakitch et Koralie

Supakitch & Koralie – Photo @Altinnov


Along the way, one has a terrible urge to dive into the crystalline water of Supakitch, pick a flower of Koralie and finish the day at the Spa relaxing like these two bathers of Kan_dmv majestically realized in pointillism.

Fresque murale réalisée en pointillisme à Dax par l'artiste Kan_dmv

Kan_dmv – Photo @Altinnov


Even the work of Jean-Luc Feugeas which evokes the Boat People is full of poetry! Called “Un Sauvage”, it deals with those who leave for a simple trip or for a better life.

Un sauvage - fresque murale évoquant les boat people à Dax réalisée par Jean-Luc Feugeas

Un Sauvage – Jean-Luc Feugeas – Photo @Altinnov

As you wander through the small streets of this beautiful city and approach the places of life, the theme evolves, but remains poetry. Like the one of this young man with a zither perched in the clouds by Swathi & Vijay.

Fresque murale Jeune Homme à la Cithare réalisée par Swathi & Vijay

Swathi & Vijay – Photo @Altinnov


A little trip to the South West of France is starting to tempt you?

Even if the city has lost some of its life in the last few years, it still has something to seduce you for a weekend. Not to mention the thermal baths or the street art; it has the best fresh market in the region to discover the local producers… And I can tell you that there is plenty to enjoy in the South West. The old town is really cute, its fortifications impressive as well as its majestic antic arena! And then it also conceals nice little surprises like this Bodega called the Patio d’Eyrose, held by a band of friends, inside it we discover a Gallo-Roman wall but also a nice surprise made by Alber & Yakes! Thanks Bruno for opening your doors to us in this period of lockdown 😉

Le Patio d'Eyrose à Dax - Street Art par Alber & Yakes

Le Patio d’Eyrose – Alber & Yakes – Photo @Altinnov

And if you are a nature lover why not go and admire the storks flying like the one of the artist Lula Goce… No, it is not a legend; just a few kilometers away from Dax you can admire them in freedom… The best spot I found to admire them is the guest house Lou Castagnet; a real haven of peace!

If you go to the region, it would be a shame to miss these beautiful works that Dax has to offer. To enjoy them, the Muralis Festival team had the intelligence to make an easy to read map.

Fresque murale réalisée par Gilbert Petit pour le Festival Street Art Muralis à Dax

Gilbert Petit – Photo @Altinnov


To be very honest with you, few Street Art Festivals manage to keep a theme over time. Only the incredible realizations of the Bernard de Jussieu district in Versailles or the magnificent works that can be found in Boulogne-sur-Mer; offer as much meaning as the one proposed by the Muralis Festival. I hope they will be able to resume their project as soon as the pandemic is over to offer us new works just as beautiful.

The visit is over! I just have to put on my sneakers to go and make new Street Art discoveries! As usual, if you liked it, share it ! It always makes me so happy 😉

See you soon for the visit of a very “underground” spot