Street Art Avenue Grand Paris: a Street Art walk in the making!

Street Art Avenue Grand Paris: a Street Art walk in the making!

5 May 2021 0 By Séverine

Going on foot to visit Street Art Avenue is a heresy and that’s what I did! My first advice to those who wish to discover this Street Art walk in the North of Paris, along the Canal Saint-Denis, is to take a bike. It will avoid you to linger on uninteresting parts of the Canal. I must confess that this visit left me a bit perplexed because many works of the 1st editions have disappeared and others have been savagely tagged. It is difficult to understand the main thread of this tangle of urban dressing with murals; all punctuated by beautiful graffiti and blaze. This Avenue of Street Art is a bit chaotic, sometimes poetic, sometimes very Urbex, often disjointed to make you lose the thread; but it still reserves some nice surprises.

Enfant Haïtien réalisé par Case Maclaim à Street Art Avenue Grand Paris

Street Art Avenue Grand Paris – Case Maclaim – Photo @Altinnov

Some of the works, such as this magnificent Haitian child by the artist Case Maclaim, lead me to believe that it is highly likely that this spot will become a Street Art must-see in the years to come. The typology of the place lends itself to a magnificent project and I am sure that the cities of Aubervilliers and Saint-Denis will do everything possible to make it a magical place.

An urban design that brings color back to life

I don’t know about you, but for my part, the very graphic urban design doesn’t provoke much emotion in me. Street Art Avenue has giant works that come to dress up the ignoble poles of the highway, the cement factory and other urban aberrations; they bring touches of color in urban spaces more than morose. These creations brighten up the atmosphere, erase the grey and the sadness and are certainly very appreciated by the inhabitants who see their district coming back to life under the brushes and bombs of the artists.

Street Art Avenue - Habillage urbain réalisé par Tim Zdey

Street Art Avenue Grand Paris – Tim Zdey – Photo @Altinnov


One can only smile when seeing the charismatic character of Tim Zdey in XXL version, be impressed by the precision of the calligraphy of Tarek Benaoum or appreciate the presence of these wild animals made by Alexandra Arango.

Street Art Avenue Grand Paris - Calligraphie par Tarek Benaoum

Tarek Benaoum – Photo @Altinnov

Animals par Alexandra Arango - Street Art Avenue

Animals – Alexandra Arango – Photo @Altinnov

If you like urban design, you’re in for a treat because I’ve only shown you a few works from this side of Street Art Avenue; but there are many others!


Street Art Avenue is also an enriching artistic mix

Of course you will find some great names of international Street Art as Case Maclaim or Telmo Miel; but what is interesting is especially the presence of local artists as Marko93, many French artists that we do not see systematically in all Street Art spots. A wise choice that allows to highlight French talents. Even if it was very difficult for me to understand the thread of this course, and besides I believe that I did not find it yet.

How can I not start with Marko93 whose mural I used to illustrate the cover of this article. He is one of the legends of Street Art in the district. Child of Saint-Denis, his signature is an evidence and his works recognizable between all. His tonic calligraphy, his acidulous colors often mixed with big fawns make his works pop, modern and joyful!

Marko93 & Hatre - fresque Félins - Street Art Avenue

Félins – Marko93 & Hatre – Photo @Altinnov

In a completely different style, the fresco created by the French duo of twin artists, the Chevalme sisters, could have reflected the theme of this Street Art journey along the water… Their work “20,000 leagues under the Seine” could have been the main theme… But as you will see later, this was not the case!

20 mille lieues sous la Seine - fresque réalisée par les soeurs Chevalme

20 mille lieues sous la Seine – Les Soeurs Chevalme – Photo @Altinnov

At the very beginning of my journey, I came across an interesting fresco by its technique and its unusual colors for Street Art. Signed by LA DEWOLF, a French illustrator and tattoo artist, this work is well hidden under a bridge and I regretted not being able to see it closer!

Le réveil de Jupiter – LA DEWOLF – Photo @Altinnov

I am sure that like me, you have lost the thread! So maybe this magnificent fresco by the famous duo Telmo Miel that I told you about during my walks in Boulogne-sur-Mer and Versailles will put you on a new path. Personally, I find that it joins the theme of the migration of the populations as the child of Case Maclaim could remind it. A new editorial direction for this Street Art course? I do not know… Only the future will tell us!

Fresque Street Art réalisée par Telmo Miel à Aubervilliers

Telmo Miel – Photo @Altinnov


In the middle of Street Art Avenue a little side Urbex as we like them

At this point of the route I realize that many works of the Street Art Avenue map have disappeared … But it is with great pleasure that I discover that this part of the Canal is the realm of graffiti artists and therefore of spontaneity! It slams in all directions and the dilapidated architecture and the surrounding wastelands give the place a little side Urbex that the Americans could call “No Go Zone”. A moment of pleasure with which I composed you a small image patchwork 😉

Should we go and discover Street Art Avenue?

A thousand times yes but by bike! In fact I have only shown you a quarter of what you could discover in this article! As I was on foot I had to interrupt my ride because of the curfew. But the next day I went back and discovered an area closer to Paris that is worth its weight in gold! A concentrate of Street Art to see absolutely! If you want to prepare your adventure, I advise you to download the map of this route, you will find all the indications to find the works. And I will talk to you again soon about Aubervilliers because the city is more than active and open to artists.

As for me, I’m going to put my sneakers back on and go back to new Street Art adventures.

See you soon and take care of yourself.


Séverine Thery Fondatrice du blog Street Art Altinnov

Bye Bye ! À très Bientôt – Séverine 😉