Free Street Art coloring books to occupy children during confinement!

Free Street Art coloring books to occupy children during confinement!

4 May 2020 0 By Séverine

[social_warfare]The least that can be said during this coronavirus crisis is that Street Artists mobilized and showed their generosity. They move to raise funds for caregivers; and are also inventive for children by offering their works for free in the form of coloring books or other originals things to do.

I don’t know about you, but when I was a child I tended to draw on my class books and as if that were not enough; I also decorated the walls of my bedroom with doodles…

Keeping children busy when they can’t get out is a real bootcamp! So I made a small selection of Street Art coloring books to download.They are free, and offered by Street Artists from all over the world. Enough to keep your little monsters busy and maybe also the big children that you are 😉 Hold on and hang on, it’s the last straight line before the end of confinement!

The Stay Home Graffiti Coloring Books offered by The Museum of Graffiti in Miami

The Museum of Graffiti is existing since one year and is located in the heart of Street Art Mecca: Wynwood Miami. Every Tuesday, they offered online a new coloring book produced with Street Artists from around the world. We find artworks by Ghost aka Cousin Frank, Aindriais Dolan aka Pure TFP, Abstrk, Duel Ris, Claw, Rasterms. Personally I don’t miss the Tuesday and sicne I have no children, I am having fun imagining myself doing graffiti and tagging! Everyone has their own way of escaping during confinement!

To collect your coloring books; just go to the Museum shop and make a free purchase. Then you will receive an e-mail including all the download links. Nothing’s easier!


The Urban Signature gallery offers drawing boards of dozens of artists to color! 

This Parisian Gallery works with many artists. They’ve launch the #conFUNement project and offers for download more than 100 drawing boards mainly from French famous artists. You will find there works of incredible artists like Ardif, Hopare, Jordane Saget, Parvati, TocToc, Polar Bear, and many others

Livre de coloriage street art par la galerie Urban signature

To download the boards; go directly to the Google Drive of #conFUNement! A single click is enough. I will not reveal those exceptional draws in the article, but just tell you that you can build the most amazing Street Art coloring books for your children!

The Street Art works bellow will give you a very small idea of what you find there!

The artist Hopare has also made an amazing series of draws to download. And I urge you to go and load them. This series is ideal for occupying the cherubim during hours; the multiple lines and convolutions of the artist give a lot of precision coloring work to do… or not!


Cutting and collage with the artist Madame

The idea is just great! The French artist Madame, whom I had already told you about in the blog, offers her boards of cutting and coloring drawings to make your own artworks. Every Friday, new boards are available on her Facebook: anatomy, animals, typography, nature,… Thousands of compositions are possible. Enough to make work the children’s imagination, and certainly yours too.  To give you an idea of what you could do, here are two very beautiful achievements she has done by the past. Get your scissors!

The Swiss artist BoogieSML mobilizes his friends and offers an incredible number of graffiti boards to color!

This is certainly the most incredible project, you will find over 120 drawing board to download; from a simple Blaze to the most complex graffiti. This is not a coloring book anymore! It’s a bible!  BoogieSML mobilized its graffiti friends from all over the world! You can therefor discover boards from LOOMIT, 1UP, SOFLES, GENT48, FANAKAPAN, MOTICK… A sublime collection to color or just to collect. Take a quick advantage of it, because I don’t think these boards will stay online for free very long!

Boogiesml - planches Street Art à colorier - coloring books

Complete the drawings of ZEROPRODUCTIVITY a New-York artist & he may post them on his Instagram!

ZeroProductivity is an artists who signs New-York’s walls with really funny pigeons. He offers the most interactive coloring activity; you just have to upload his drawings on his site and complete them with your own style. If he likes your achievements he will be happy and repost them on his Instagram!  Be careful, you still have to be good enough to have a chance to be published!

carte à colorier de l'artiste Zeroproductivity



Animal coloring offered by the artist Sandrot 

Sandrot is a French painter whose artistic universe is very animal. She participated in the SAATO project which I told you in my previous article. She offers her drawings to download directly on her site and takes the opportunity to tell us about protected or endangered species, or quite unfairly treated by humans. She even distills advice for future designers… The works for coloring are really superb!

SANDROT - coloriages Street Art - Confinement - coloring books

A games notebook like those of our childhood by Speedy Graphito

When I discovered the Speedy Graphito games notebook, I sketched a smile. You will find those oldies coloring pages where you have to follow letters and more stuffs from the 80’s. A small but very nice book for the youngest to download here.

Speedy Graphito - Cahier de Jeux - Street art à colorier


A little less kown Filipino artist Aljavilla gathers New Yorkers Artists and offer an eclectic coloring book.

I told you about the positive messages from Aljavilla during my short tour around the World Trade Center in New York. Confined in his hometown Ilo-Ilo; he brought together some Street Artists friends who officiate in the streets of New York like  DirtCobain, RAD, MURRZ around the H.O.P.E Covid19 project to offer some very nice coloring boards on his personal site.

Aljavilla - Covid19-coloring books- Street art blog Altinnov


I am sure that you will find in this multitude of coloring pages something to occupy your children and also your friend’s ones! And if you don’t really want to get started, you can travel on my blog in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Queens, Mexico City, Holbox to discover incredible Street Art works!

Be brave! The total confinement will be over soon and we will be able to admire Street Art in the open air!

See you soon for new adventures!