CORONAVIRUS: Street Art is getting involved and raising funds to move the lines

CORONAVIRUS: Street Art is getting involved and raising funds to move the lines

19 April 2020 0 By Séverine

[social_warfare]For this first article speaking about the Coronavirus crisis; I’m not going to speak about all those incredible Street Artworks around the world representing faces wearing a mask ! No, even if all the media are showing those, I am choosing to pay tribute to the Street Artists that are raising funds to help the people on the hospital saving our lives!

Hundreds of Street Artists are mobilizing around the world and searching ideas to collect donations for those heroes that are not wearing capes!


Christian Guémy, was the first artist to make a performance for memory and also the first one to give back!

On March 17 before confining himself Christian Guémy, a famous French stencil artist, posts on TWitter his latest work done outside as a free street artist. It is accompanied by the title “Love in the days of Coronavirus” with the message “it will be my last work before no one knows when. Street Artists are also technically unemployed. Take care of yourself. Stay  home.” 

Few days later, the artist put the prints on sale with an open edition for the benefit of the French Hospital Foundation in order to support the staff who is on the front line against COVID19. He estimate the raising of funds between 15 000 to 30 000 euros. For those of you who would be interested in this print; this is still time to send an email to and you will receive all the necessary instructions.

This first initiative get followers! In France as abroad the fight against the coronavirus is organized!


The SAATO Project : An incredible confined Urban Arts Festival tfor the benefit of the French Public Hospital

The SAATO is an association existing since 6 years that has constantly promote & support many creative projects around urban arts. One of them Instagram post on March 26 caught my eye. I read that the artist Raf Urban just launched an appeal to more than 100 French Street Artists is order to collect necessary funds for the emergency fund of the French Public Assistance and Hospital.

Street Artists are in essence generous since they offer us to see their works for free in the streets. It is therefore not a surprise to discover on the website’s project all the responses to this call… An unprecedented generosity!

You will discover beautiful artxorks by Raf Urban, Philippe Hérard, LUJE, SANDROT, HOPARE, DANTE, SANER, IEZMA, TOCTOC, POLAR BEAR, MATT_TIEU, 2AGRAFF and many others. I couldn’t resist to share with you some of those works.

I am sure you want to have one! Even if these original works are already sold, but do not panic you can always acquire one on the site, I was told new artworks will be put online soon on the project SAATO Gallery! For the prices, they are fixed by the artists and are very reasonable, you can find artworks from 80 euros until almost a thousand. The artwork’s format is almost an A4 and you will pay directly on the Assistance Public & Hospital website donation. Beside, all the terms and condition are visible on the Donation page. Personally I can’t wait to see the new artworks coming!

This project is certainly the most important of its kind and shows how French Street Artists community is united and above all generous in this Coronavirus crisis!


Speedy Graphito goes it alone for the Hospitals Foundation!

On April 8, it was Speedy Graphito – French pioneer in the Street Art Movement- start the race for donations. Via his Instagram account, he launched the call with an artwork produced for the occasion and directly inspired by the Coronavirus. Instead of making a numbered print in advance; it limits the draw over time.


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Faites-vous plaisir et aidez les hôpitaux. Offrez-vous une estampe originale de Speedy Graphito. Face à la situation sanitaire actuelle, l’artiste Speedy Graphito a créé une œuvre originale pour venir en aide aux services hospitaliers de France. L’édition “spéciale” offerte par l’artiste sera vendue au profit de la Fondation Hôpitaux de Paris-Hôpitaux de France. L’intégralité des ventes sera reversée à la Fondation HP-HF. “Restez chez vous” 2020 Impression numérique sur papier haut de gamme. Format : 40 x 30 cm Prix unique : 120 € ​ ATTENTION : Fin de l’offre le 15 avril 2020 à Minuit. L’édition sera alors numérotée, estampillée et signée par l’artiste et envoyée dès que le déconfinement le permettra. POUR ACHETER > Lien dans la bio! #speedygraphito #hopitauxdeparis #hopitauxdefrance #fondationhphf #digigraphie #art #edition #caritatif #restezchezvous #don

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On April 15 at midnight, the last orders placed defined the number of prints. The work was only 120 Euros; a very sweet price when you know the coast of this artist on the art market!


In the United States, the artist Kaï collects more than 80,000 dollars in 24 hours!

If you think you do not know Kaï, you’re certainly wrong. This Los Angeles artist has put his little hero – who often criticizes consumer society- in most of the cities around the world. Here are some of his works that I discovered during my last stay in NYC.

In 24 hours, based on the same principle as Speedy Graphito, with a dedicated work called ” Not all heroes wear capes” , Kaï raised exactly $ 80,375 to provide masks to health professionals


Still in the USA, Art workshops to raise funds with Swoon!

Another initiative, that I’ve found very attractive if you understand English is led by  ifyouwereherenow. This Association is sponsored by Art Galleries and magazines. It is offering us live with artists: a meditation with Swoon and also a lesson to learn how to cut a stencil, an escape drawing workshop more commonly called Therapeutic Art with the artist Carissa Potter Carlson, or a painting classes with Serena Mitnik-Miller.


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Paper cutting class starting soon! 4pm EST. “Meditation and the Meditative” with @ifyouwereherenow ~ I’m gonna start be leading a little guided meditation, to walk you through my practice for when life gets overwhelming, and then we’re gonna do the most meditative process I know, which is make a simple paper cut out. See the link my bio for materials and registration info. And, bonus, the class is a fund raiser for the Emergency Medical Mask Fund. These guys inspired me with their hands on problem solving strategies in the midst of a crisis, reminding me a lot of the way we had to operate in Haiti after the earthquake, finding ways to work around the system to actually get things done, so, sign up for the class and you’ll help their efforts too. See you soon!

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Workshops at really low cost (between $ 10 to $ 15) which allow each time to collect $ 1,500 for the Medical Mask Emergency Fund.

Lots of other Street Artists initiative are emerging around the world, of course if you know some of those surprising ones, let me know and I’ll add them to the article right away!

Soon an article for the children!!! Yep, we have to find out a way to keep them occupied during confinement!

For my part, I return to my archives to try to offer you pretty artworks to see on Instagram ! If you want to go for a walk – from your sofa- taka a trip to Mexico City, or on the Paradisiac Island of Holbox, in the Queens, à Brooklyn, or even Manhattan to discover amazing artworks around the world. See you soon for new adventures and above all stay home and take care of your loved ones!