The new Parisian Street Art Spot that is the talk of the town!

The new Parisian Street Art Spot that is the talk of the town!

25 January 2022 0 By Séverine

[social_warfare]This street art spot in the 13th arrondissement of Paris opened last weekend and to say that it is the talk of the town is an understatement. Located in the capital’s most “Street Style” district, it offers an immersive experience in the world of writerz, graffiti artists and urban artists. This project, which started in mid-October, has taken on a new dimension with the arrival of demoisellemm and her artist friends!


The short history of this unusual Parisian street art spot!

This place is an old abandoned hotel located at 104 avenue d’Italie. In mid-October, BOOM, a party organizer, took over the place and decided to turn it into an alternative ultra-underground venue. He called on the Writerz crew RCA, DBRY, TSO & VDM. They will transform the place by giving it a squat atmosphere of artists of the 80s. If you go and visit it, you’ll open your eyes a bit more and find traces of dbry92, osmoz93800, stachpi75, lehdeluxe, and some others. I loved the glimpse of the small lounge made by this Crew which curiously reminded me of the squat l’œil du Cyclone in Barbès, a mecca of the alternative culture of the 80s. But then, the party was in full swing, too much noise and too much of everything got the better of the place, which was administratively closed in early January. That’s where demoisellemm and her Street Artist buddies come in!


Spot Street Art Trash et underground Paris

RCA, DBRY, TSO & VDM – Photo @Altinnov


#Les25 au 104 ! Explosion of colours, styles, techniques,…


Spot Street Art Paris - #LES25 au 104 avenue d'Italie

#LES25 AU 104 – Photo @Altinnov

The artist demoisellemm took up the torch and initially five artists took over the site. Then the situation evolved and 25 artists occupied the space in its every corner. Even before entering the premises, the tone is set. The “characters” of dbry92 on the left, the first crew to have taken over the space, answer to the new team of 25! L’Empreinte Jo V, Raf Urban, Les Poulpeuses, Trassh, Joko, Fé tavie,… have signed in their own way the tiles which are the embrasure on this strange hotel door. Once past the entrance, it’s a real explosion for the eyes; Joko‘s comic book-style drawings meet RamZ‘s dancing calligraphy. Not a single space is free of paintings. As you enter what is the Globe Café you immediately notice an iconic character from L’Empreinte Jo V . The atmosphere is chaotic and this teddy bear abandoned next to the beer barrels bathed in red light almost makes us think of an old Pigalle tripot!


Oeuvre de L'Empreinte Jo V dans le nouveau spot Street Art Parisien

L’Empreinte Jo V – Photo @Altinnov


A trashy, underground place with a feminine flavour!

When I arrived on the first floor of this amazing place, I was stunned by the work of this naked woman with a magnificent drape, created by the artist diane.d2. I was absolutely in love with it, which led me to put it on the cover of this article, because I was not expecting this type of work at all when I entered the place!


Street Art - portrait de Michèle Obama par l'artiste Français L'Empreinte Jo V

Michèle Obama par L’Empreinte Jo V & La Meuf Street Art – Photo @Altinnov


I’m starting to realise that there is femininity in the air! It is especially rare to have so many female artists together in a spot of this type, and what’s more, women accompanied by male artists who represent the female gender! Michèle Obama by L’Empreinte Jo V, Angela Davis by Raf Urban, Frida Kahlo by SE BD, Akelo‘s aviatrixes, a young woman by , Fé tavie‘s smoking night owl, the enigmatic demoiselle of demoisellemm… so many portraits that give this rather trashy place a surprisingly feminine side. I’m not sure that the photos I’m about to propose really reflect the atmosphere of the place… but I hope they will make you want to go there!


Street Art - Portrait d'Angela Davis par Raf Urban Street Artiste Français

Angela Davis par Raf Urban & La Dactylo – Photo @Altinnov


Portrait de Frida Kahlo par le Street Artist Français Sebast

Frida Kahlo par SE BD – Photo @Altinnov


portraits d'aviatrices par la street artiste Française Akelo

Akelo – Photo @Altinnov


Portrait d'une jeune femme par la street artiste Française Nô Street Art

Nô – Photo @Altinnov


Portrait d'une fumeuse noctambule par la street artiste Française Fé tavie

Fé tavie & theendofanimals- Photo @Altinnov


portrait d'une femme enigmatique par la street artiste française demoisellemm

demoisellemm – Photo @Altinnov


Many other portraits of women, animal representations, tags, blazes and “characters” are waiting for you in this spot which we really can’t label! As this blog would be nothing without the artists, I will just mention their names

To thank them and so that you can also see their work on Insta! In addition to the artists I have already mentioned, you will find works by : Andrew Wallas, Carole b. , Clement Herrmann, La Dactylo, Dawal, Elgee, Gladpow, La Meuf Street Art, Marquise, Poulain, Tegmo, theendofanimals.


How and when to go to this new street art spot in Paris?

For the how, I think it’s pretty easy, it’s at 104 avenue d’Italie in the 13th of Paris;-) For the when, I strongly advise you to go this weekend; the artists will be present to discuss with you on January 28th-29th and 30th from noon to 7.30pm. What’s more, the bar will be closed, so no rush! You can see the works! Then you’ll have to follow the activities of the dancingunderground to know when it’s open. The artists won’t be there to tell you about their work, but fortunately the association Scan Some Art has made little QR codes that will allow you to know more about the artists 😉

Spot Street Art Paris - oeuvres d'Elgee et Poulain

Elgee & Poulain – Photo @Altinnov


As the 13th arrondissement is the district “par excellence” of Parisian Urban Art, if you venture there, I advise you to also go to the famous Spot 13 where you will find some of the artists I have just mentioned. And if you prefer monumental frescos, the works of Boulevard Paris 13 will also delight you! I’ll leave you with the little “Live” I made during my visit to #Les25 and I’m off again for a new Street Art adventure which this time will take place in the basement!

Take care & see you soon.