The Fiminco Foundation hosts an exhibition of monumental works by Street Artists!

The Fiminco Foundation hosts an exhibition of monumental works by Street Artists!

7 November 2021 0 By Séverine

The Fiminco Foundation had been on my mind for a while. It’s true that a new exhibition and creation space of this magnitude has something to attract me… even more so when you know that this place is on the site of a former industrial wasteland!

Knowing that renowned art galleries such as Air de Paris, Galerie Sator or In Situ had established a base camp in Romainville nearby Paris, learning that one of the most beautiful design schools, Parsons Paris, had a campus there, realising that this place was a wonderful artists’ residence, all these reasons should have pushed me to go and have a look at it!

In the end, it was thanks to the art production company Quai 36 that I decided to go there and I’m not at all disappointed by this discovery, which confirms me in the fact that the cultural offer around Paris is indeed exploding!


Monumental works on the theme of metamorphosis

The Fiminco Foundation gave  Quai 36 team a “carte blanche” to create an immersive exhibition in the incredible space formerly occupied by the building’s boiler room. Eight urban artists created works in situ on the Kafka-ian theme of metamorphosis. The space is immense, the ceiling heights are dizzying and the natural light that shines through the huge squared glass surfaces gives the place an almost religious aspect. This building has a lot of character and I’m sure you’ll be enchanted by it.


Fondation Fiminco - Exposition Metamorphosis réaliséee par Quai 36

Fondation Fiminco – Exposition Metamorphosis – Quai 36 – Photo @Altinnov


I felt the same sensation when I entered the premises as I did when I visited The Essentiel, a former postal sorting centre transformed into an urban exhibition, which had more than excited me thanks to its absolute coherence. As a result, my expectations and my level of demand increased tenfold! When you are in the vastness of the room, you quickly realise that the works are monumental. One look at the Orphic Hymn to Apollo by the PichiAvo Duo projects us into the infinitely great… As far as my feelings are concerned, the theme remains a little vague for me, as I see in their work a juxtaposition of universes rather than a real proposal on metamorphosis.

The work “Skylight” by the French artist Sébastien Preschoux breaks the cubic aspect of the place by playing with light. There is something very digital about his shafts of wires that are undeniably reminiscent of security lasers. His installation transforms the space by bringing a warm colour that contrasts with the resolutely rough architecture. You will see it in several of my photos as it is spread over the two floors of the exhibition.


Fondation Fiminco - exposition Metamorphosis quai 36 -Tomislav de Quintessenz

Tomislav de Quintessenz – Photo @Altinnov


Another work that plays with light brilliantly is that of the German artist Tomislav de Quintessenz. His play of 29 colours seems to fall from the sky and offers a striking contrast with the empty space of this boiler room… He transforms the place while leaving the space free. A very poetic work.


Artiste Grec Fikos - Fondation Fiminco - ExpositionMetamorphosis quai 36

Fikos – Photo @Altinnov


But here is a work, very present, perhaps too much so, which constantly attracts my eye and I find it very difficult to dialogue with the others. As a result, my immersion lacks fluidity and I wonder about the coherence of this work with those around it! However, the Greek artist Fikos is in the theme; he metamorphoses the original myths by grafting them with more recent faces and accessories. If you concentrate hard enough, you will discover in this fresco the face of Louis XIV, the helmets of the Gauls Asterix & Obelix or the Little Prince.

In an attempt to get back into the mood without getting sidetracked, I head over to Ukrainian artist Waone who is finishing up his Phenomenal Balancing piece with an Olympian calm.


It must be said that metamorphosis is an integral part of his work, which could be described as surreal! With Waone, reality looks like a child’s account with imaginary characters of amazing dimensions. I strongly advise you to go and have a look at her Instagram account, where you will discover works that will certainly make you wonder.


L'Outsider - Sébastien Preschoux - WAONE - Exposition Metamorphosis Quai 36 - Fondation Fiminco

L’Outsider – Sébastien Preschoux – WAONE – Photo @Altinnov


Taking a few steps to the side I discover a work by the Breton artist Yann alias L’Outsider which is bathed in the grid of these industrial windows. The mesh of the works seduces me enormously.


Oeuvres de PichiAvo et Yann L'Outsider dans l'exposition Metamorphosis de Quai 36 à la Fondation Fiminco

PichiAvo – Yann l’Outsider – Photo @Altinnov


On the mezzanine, the view of the works changes the perspective and it is perhaps there, perched high up, that I was able to appreciate the exhibition the most! It must be said that the physical discovery of the work of l‘Outsider is not for nothing in this change of impression. His rather abstract, almost constructivist graffiti perfectly matches PichiAvo‘s work. An ensemble that I loved to contemplate 😉

From the heights, Sébastien Preschoux‘s threads fill and link the empty spaces and almost make you forget the immensity of the place!

I’m not going to tell you that you have to cross the whole of France to see the Metamorphosis exhibition organised by Quai 36; but if you’re around Paris, I’d like to point out that the Bobigny – Pantin – Raymond Queneau metro station is only a five-minute walk from the Fiminco Foundation, that the exhibition is free and open until 20 November, and of course that other surprises await you in this amazing Foundation.


Mathieu Merlet Briand - Fondation Fiminco

The #Gate – Mathieu Merlet Briand – Photo @Altinnov


The Fiminco Foundation offers you exhibitions and performances throughout the year


As you can imagine, my curiosity led me to visit all the spaces open to the public. In addition to the contemporary art galleries, I went to discover the exhibition The Crown Letter which was located under Metamorphosis. There I discovered an international collective of women artists, founded by Natacha Nisic. And as I am not insensitive to photography, I had a crush on the Supernatural series by Katja Stuke 😉



I strongly advise you to look at their website to see what the Foundation has to offer! And as Quai 36, who has already done some wonderful work in Versailles or Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris, has just set up its premises on the site, I think that other urban art artists will be put forward in this new place!

As for me, I’m putting my trainers back on and I’ll see you soon for a new Street Art adventure in the South of France!

Take care & See you soon!