Spring water is free in France! So why continue to pollute while visiting?

Spring water is free in France! So why continue to pollute while visiting?

1 July 2019 2 By Séverine
Spring water is free in France! So why continue to pollute while visiting?

Yes, free spring water exists! You read correctly ; there is a large number of free natural fountains throughout France and yet the pollution to plastic bottles continues. These spring waters are unpolluted and self-service. Whether you are travelling in Bordeaux, Clermont-Ferrand, Le Creusot, Les Landes, Paris, Saint-Nazaire or Toulouse; you have spring water fountains nearby! You just have to help yourself!


Why Spring Water is good for your health?

It is of underground origin; it has therefore benefited from protection against pollution, and has not undergone any chemical treatment or addition. That is not the case of bottled waters! We are no longer at the time of Marcel Pagnol and this free mineral water does not come from a beautiful spring streaming in the Alpes de Haute-Provence; but it comes from boreholes that boomed in the 1970s.


How to find free spring water in France?

In Paris, there are 3 natural water fountains: Square Verlaine, Square Lamartine and Square de la Madone. These three fountains draw their spring water 719 meters deep in the Albien water table of the Parisian Basin, a sheet of sand where water is protected from modern pollution. How lucky I am to live next to one of these fountains; I confirm the water is very pleasant to drink, and suddenly I do not buy bottled water anymore!

Fontaine d'eau de source - square de la Madone à Paris

Fontaine d’eau de source – square de la Madone à Paris

Next to Saint-Nazaire, it’s when you are going for a walk in winter or bathing in summer at the large beach of Tharon that we come across a spring water fountain. We must not rely on the state of the basin in which it flows! This water is very popular in summer and continuously tested by Public Health. Many people leave the beach with bottles of fresh water!

Fontaine de la source de Tharon

Fontaine de la source de Tharon

And if you are travelling in the South West of France in Les Landes; you will be really spoiled; it is the department that has the most spring water fountains and most of them have kept their charm of yesteryear. There are still some healing fountains where you can have water. The Fountain of Miracles, situated not far from St. Vincent de Paul, was supposed to cure the wounds, pains, and renal complaints; personally I do not believe in miracles; but the fact remains that it is a delicious water to drink! This fountain is fed by a small stream; Buglose Creek. His magical name: Miraculous Source of Our Lady of Buglose!

Source miraculeuse de Notre Dame de Buglose

Source miraculeuse de Notre Dame de Buglose

If you are looking for a fountain near you; the easiest way to find one is to go to the official Drinking spring water and public fountain site – Do not panic it is also in English!-; all the fountains of spring water, and also of tap water are listed there … A real gold mine this site; even if it is not very ergonomic as it is an administration website!


How to consume spring water?

Spring water is a perishable commodity! You will find this strange because you can keep your mineral water bottles for months. Well it’s just because the manufacturers who sell it to you treat this water with a chemical process … Yep! You read well!

If you take spring water, make sure your glass bottle (or plastic, I’m not sectarian) is clean and consume it within the next 3 days.

If the source is far away and you want to purify this water to keep it longer without the bacteria growing; you will have to boil it for 10 minutes and let it cool; she will be rid of her mircro-organisms.

That’s it, if you have the luck to find a fountain during your travel in France; you no longer have any reason to consume water sold in plastic bottles … You will make a nice gesture for the planet and in addition who can know this Spring water may have virtues on your body!

f you want to discover other tips for eating well, drink well and especially do not be fooled by consumer brands, do not hesitate to continue your walk in the “Lifestyle” section of my blog 😉