Marrying cinema with Street Art: memory of a beautiful exhibition in Paris!

Marrying cinema with Street Art: memory of a beautiful exhibition in Paris!

27 May 2019 0 By Séverine

As I wrote in my profile I am a fan of StreetArt and I am scanning everything that happens in this small world! Especially since I was not able to access the incredible event named Tour Paris 13!

It is with curiosity that I went on the opening day to the Capucines de l’Art; an artist contact me via Instagram and it’s really great because we can not say that the organisation is very good on the communication side, or even very much followed by the press! For info the entrance was free!

One artist, One Movie!

Having made a film school in my youth! I had a priori on the subject … Ask 11 urban artists to interpret the films that had marked them … To be honest, I was a little afraid of finding myself only in the heart of Pop & Geek culture and not really cinematographic. But the disused building located in front of the Cinémathèque Française, I thought Why not?

Madame Moustache street art - exposition Les Capucines de l'art

Good surprise ! Of course there are StarWars, Matrix, .. But also interpreted with magnificence great classics of the cinema’s history like The Birds of Hitchcock, The Night of the Hunter of Charles Laughton or the 7 Samurai of Akira Kurosawa; an exhibition that should delight both Street Art fans and film lovers!

11 Artists! it’s a little expo as a short film no? So my verdict is:

It was really worth the detour ; because you will find top artists like Christian Guemy Alias ​​C215 who is well known for his mailboxes and his portraits and who worked stencil for this exhibition. Or STEW the Street Artist “computer programmer” who made this magnificent monumental Blue Heron in the 13th arrondissement of Paris and who gracefully interprets the 7 samurai Aki Kurosawa in pasted up.

Marouflage de l'artiste Stew représentant le film Les 7 Samouraïs à l'exposition streetart Les Capucines de l'art

Personally, I was very happy to meet Madame Mustache and her interpretation of La Nuit du Chasseur; because I always see his installations in my neighborhood and also because between us there are not many women in this universe.

Incredible Jimmy C piece of work! I was fortunate to see many of its walls in London in the neighborhoods of Camden and Brick Lane, and here it is in Paris; I hope he stays in the corner to make one or two walls in Paris! His interpretation of Matrix will certainly delight many!

Mur peint par JimmyC représentant Néo dans Matrix - Exposition street art Les Capucines de l'art

My crush and just for that I’m happy to have been there is the wall of Guy Denning, a very sweet and poetic interpretation of The Birds .. I really remained stuck.

Mur peint Guy Denning, film Les Oiseaux, exposition streetart Les Capucines de l'art

In conclusion !

The exhibition was certainly very short; but was really worth seeing for Street Art fans and also cinema lovers … Or just to get another idea of ​​Street Art; this marriage Cinema / Urban Art works perfectly and if you still have a doubt; I just created a small Instagram account for the blog on which you can find more photos of this Expo!

Thank you Les Capucines de l’art for this very nice moment! And we hope for a new edition soon!