With Pictoscanner: Digitizing negatives & slides without a computer is a breeze!

With Pictoscanner: Digitizing negatives & slides without a computer is a breeze!

2 July 2019 0 By Séverine

I was offered at Christmas a PictoScanner; it made me smile, because a long time ago I did the PR for Agfa-Gevaert high-definition slide scanners. So you can imagine that I took a little light this gift; which is more LowTech than High Tech!

We do not scan negatives every day; but that could happen to you! We all have old boxes with negatives or slides; and I don’t speak about our parents who have full suitcases!

Pictoscanner pour numériser négatifs et diapositivesWhile doing a little spring cleaning at home; I come across old negatives and ektas from the 90s; not necessarily very well preserved. And I think it was the good moment to. finally test this little cardboard device! Certainly I can not do a really high tech test like in a pro foto lab; but considering the diversity of the negatives that I found; I can show you what gives this little device, which in the end is more eco-friendly than all other solutions found in shops.



Get started with PictoScanner and scan negatives in minutes!

Pictoscanner pour numériser négatifs et diapositivesAs soon as we remove the PictoScanner from its sheath, we understand very quickly that we should not have been to University to use it; in 10 seconds -with the manual on the back of the box- the little beast is mounted and I get the batteries from the remote control of my box TV to turn it on. Yes small negative point: batteries are not provided; but as I have rechargeable it does not penalize me too much. I understand very quickly that PictoScanner takes again the very simple principle of the luminous table.

To play the game until the end I charge the free PictoScanner App on the Sore App; it’s also available for Android on Google Play so I can start scanning my negatives with my iPhone and without a computer! Simple as a children’s game; between the moment I opened the product, downloaded the App and made the first scans; it has been 2 minutes!




Here are the results you can get with negatives & slides of different quality:

As you can see ; Black & White films are much better than the colors and the result is quite amazing! Of course the quality depends on the quality of the original film, its conservation, combined with the quality of the camera of your Smartphone … For my part I have an iPhone 6 old generation; so not the top of the top quality side. But the result is already there. I deliberately did not use the retouching options offered by the PictoScanner App so you could see the raw result and judge for yourself.


Edit and share directly with the PictoScanner App

In fact, when you buy PictoScanner, you buy much more than just a low-tech, low-pollutant, easy-to-use product; because the App will allow you to crop; touch up, adjust contrast, brightness, … And much more. It incorporates a light version of Adobe Photoshop the famous editing software. You will find all the familiar icons you used; whether to annotate, record and of course share on social networks directly from the App. Again, nothing is easier to use. And between the raw result that I obtained without doing anything and the retouched photo, there is a nice margin of progress before sharing his memories with friends and family!

Choose or not PictoScanner to scan your negatives?

If you want to save some family memories of oblivion and share them on social networks with family and friends without taking the lead; it is the ideal product. I was able to scan about 60 slides in an hour so it’s easy. Its “+” is obviously the fact that the product is independent of a computer, so you can put it anywhere in the house to use it. It is 90% recyclable, super easy to use … You just need 2 batteries and a Smartphone to use it. And above all it is really inexpensive!

The “-“ is that the definition depends on the condition of the original negatives and especially the quality of the lens you have on your smartphone; so more you have a Smartphone with a good camera; the best will be the result!

For me, the PictoScanner is the ideal gift for parents and grandparents who have smartphones and who are not super comfortable with computers.

Bien sûr si vous êtes ultra-passionné de photos et souhaitez sauvegarder vos négatifs en Haute-définition ; il existe d’autres solutions comme le Reflecta X9 qui est un très bon produit par encore trop cher ! Ensuite je ne vous en parle même pas on passe la barre des 100 Euros et c’est un travail de presque pro ! La solution la plus simple et la plus ludique reste encore ce PictoScanner dont je me moquais un peu quand on me l’a offert !

Of course if you are ultra-passionate about photos and want to save your negatives in High Definition; there are other solutions like the Reflecta X9 which is a very good product not too expensive! Then I do not even mention others products as we pass the bar of 100 Euros! The simplest and most playful solution is still this PictoScanner!

The PictoScanner is available on Amazon at a price of 39.90 Euros TTC

It can really please your parents, at the time of the fathers / mothers’ holidays when we do not know what to offer. And as a bonus, you will reap some memories on your social networks 😉

See you soon for more tests! And do not hesitate to browse through the high-tech category of my blog to discover cool tips!