Best tips for recovering iPhone memory!

Best tips for recovering iPhone memory!

1 July 2019 0 By Séverine
Best tips for recovering iPhone memory!

If you have an iPhone, this article is for you! The iPhone memory and its battery are the two black spots of these pretty gadgets. Moreover, the first article I wrote when I put the blog online was precisely to advise you on how to choose a storage reserve for your holidays, and I also spent a few hours to give you a maximum tips to save the battery life of your precious iPhone!

But, before investing in the cloud or buy external storage solutions, it is first always better to clean your phone and see what weight of memory you can have back for free! There is no better time than winter, where you spend more time at home, to clean up the iPhone and recover precious Octets. I will therefore in this article give you all my tips and also doing myself a huge iPhone cleaning on the same time!


Start by checking the overall status of your iPhone memory

Statut mémoire iPhone

I’m talking about saving storage space on your iPhone; so the important thing is to know, at each step, what you can win. Even if the iPhone I have is quite new and not yet saturated; I’ll take it as a starting point for this great cleanup and step by step show you what you can win! To the level of your iPhone memory, you have to go to “Settings”, then “General”, and then “iPhone memory”. As you see on my screenshot; 38.9 GB are used on 69 GB! Then you can see for each category (photo, Apps, multimedia content,) the space they are stilling on your phone.

Apple gives you “recommendations”; for mine he advises me to transfer on iCloud my 15.87 GB of photo; something you mustn’t do before cleaning the pictures; because iCloud is only free up to a certain level. Ditto it suggests me to delete the old SMS conversations and the pieces that are attached to it. But as I’m not sure if I’ve saved all these pieces, I’m going to avoid for the moment. And of course I’ll come back to these two points later.


Clear the Safari cache!

Safari leaves a lot of trash on your iPhone and if you think that shutting down the window will increase your power, it’s a basic mistake. Initially Safari cache is a good thing, as it allows your iPhone to display sites you visit often faster. But in the end all sites visited, even once, nibble small crumbs by small crumbs your memory. By doing a good job you will win … And of course you will have the first re-opening of your usual sites a little bit slowly! But just one time!

We start by going to “Settings” and you go down to find “Safari”. And then you select “Clear History, Site Data”. Nothing’s easier. In three seconds I have just recovered 100 MB of iPhone memory! It’s pretty considerable on an iPhone can used!


Erase your old apps!

It is unstoppable, there are always on our iPhones Apps that we download because advised by friends, games that we no longer play, … I thought not to find on mine, well I was wrong . I erased Qobuz (because I stopped my subscription), Layout for Instagram which I never used, Mapstr bug all the time, Scan for me that does not serve me much, Frichti because my last order was a disaster, and two or three other apps.

To remove an App, nothing is easier! You tap its icon until it starts to shake (that means you’re in edit mode). Then, tap the cross that appears at the top left of the icon to delete it. Then once you have removed all the Apps that no longer serve you press the round “Home” button.

Result my iPhone memory went in 2 steps to 37.9 GB of used! So I won 1 GB in 5 minutes.

Further information on this point; you can delete pre-installed Apps in your iPhone like Weather, Clock, Mail; these applications will not be completely removed from your iPhone when you do the manipulation; they will just disappear from  your menu; on the other hand, all the data associated with them are suppressed; it’s already a gain.

Note that some Apps like Safari or Messages can not be deleted.


Clean up your SMS!

A real wound these SMS! The younger we are, the more they eat the iPhone memory; we share via SMS photos, videos and others. Each SMS weighs is nothing; but the totality of the messages to which are added all the attachments begins to play very quickly on the memory. As you saw above Apple recommended to me to delete my old conversations and attachments … But I know  that I did not record all the attachments, and the codes of the building entrance doors of my friends are in the SMS. Before deleting I spent a little time checking my messages … After a good hour, I decided for the big cleaning!

To do this, you go to “Settings”, then you select “Message”, you go down to “Message History”. As you can see mine was on “indefinitely” and there you decide how long you will keep your messages and attachments related: 30 days, 1 year, indefinitely. For my part I chose 1 year … And the result is rather interesting side gain memory; personally I recovered 0.4 GB or 400 MB of memory.

As you can see, Apple now recommends that I automatically uninstall unused apps. I would not do it because they are professional apps that I use very rarely but I need them. If you have this recommendation; I advise you to recheck your Apps to successfully delete all the ones you really do not need.


Photos & Videos sorted!

As we saw at the beginning Apple offers me to store my photos in iCloud; but storing photos that we don’t care can quickly takes us to a paid iCloud package!

First thing to do: sorting. Spend some time to delete photos & videos you don’t want to keep directly on your phone. Since we no longer pay for photographic film, we tend to keep everything; but we forget a little that at the end the memory also has a cost.

In 5 minutes of sorting I recovered 0.5 GB or 500 MB. I think it’s worth spending a little more time. So I pause the article to devote myself to the serious cleaning of my photo albums.

After a good hour to delete photos; I find myself with a total gain of 12.3 GB! It is considerable!


In conclusion

gain mémoire iPhone après nettoyageBy following the main tips that I described to you; you should get a good amount of memory and find some of the velocity of your iPhone memory. It does not take a lot of time; and give back a breath of youth to your iPhone!

If you follow my advices, tell me what you have gained in memory? It will please me 😉


And if your iPhone continues telling you “Storage almost saturated” after this great cleaning; it means that you will have to invest in a memory stick for your iPhone. Find my selection of the best storage solutions for iPhone with a very good price / quality ratio in my next article!