A maximum of tips to save your iPhone battery!

A maximum of tips to save your iPhone battery!

27 June 2019 0 By Séverine
A maximum of tips to save your iPhone battery!

If you follow the blog a little bit, you will probably have noticed that I have invested in an Anker external battery which is often on sale on Amazon and which I can’t live without anymore. So if you do not want to spend time adjusting your smartphone; I advise you to read my test “The battery Anker Astro has a lot price, but does the job!“.

But there ; like everyone else I sometimes forget my battery, or just get out of my house thinking that the charge of my iPhone is enough. And I do not know if you’ve noticed it’s always in those moments that the phone goes off without warning! Personally I already use a lot of tips to save my battery, but as I was sure to miss a lot; I went around the French and US Web to find you a maximum of tips; some more serious than others! I have them all listed and explained below! As you will see it the Screenshots are in French, but you will not have difficulties to see how to apply those.

Go on to switch to setting mode?


Close your apps when you’re not using your iPhone! And disable updates in the background!

This thing makes me crazy; I do not know how many friends complain about Apple and their iPhone and when I take a look at their phone, I see they have 30 Apps running at the same time! Hello! permanent battery consumption! In fact what no one really realizes is that all these apps are updating automatically when new updates are posted on them like for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, permanently. As a result, they will solicit the antenna and go back and forth to update. The more applications you have, the faster your battery goes down. Think about it before you put your phone on a side; shut them down. It takes a second to eject them up 😉

In fact this tip is only a step; because even closing Apps; they continue insidiously to update themselves in the background! Hey, when you open Facebook everything is up to date! Miracle & hell for your iPhone battery at the same time. Here’s how to reduce the damage: Go to “Settings” then in “General” and then in “Update in the background”. And there horror! By default all apps update in the background … Make a smart selection, you have a few minutes of battery to win every day!


Adjust the brightness of your screen!

You think that when Apple gives you a brand new iPhone, they do not want you to have a weak screen? Well no, it must sting your eyes! So they give you an iPhone with the brightness to its maximum! But here is the screen happily pump your battery; it’s even a big gourmand! Sincerely you do not need such high brightness. To solve it nothing more simple!

You go to “Settings” in “Brightness and display” and set it. You see I’m less than 50% and believe me it makes a huge difference to your iPhone battery!

Réglez la luminosité de votre écran

Réglez la luminosité de votre écran

Put the automatic lock as fast as possible!

Your iPhone continues to be illuminated as long as it is not locked … If you put your iPhone and you do not use it; he continues to happily pump the battery. As you see in the previous tip; you have access to the automatic lock from the “Brightness and display” menu; Just touch “Auto Lock” and you can lower it. On my iPhone it was set to 1 minute; I pu it at 30 seconds!

Réglez le verrouillage automatique

Réglez le verrouillage automatique

Maximize Wi-Fi networks! And think about turning it off when you move!

There I see you make a skeptical look … But no; whatever Wi-Fi network you connect to, it will always be faster than 3G or 4G; your pages will load faster and you will stay less on your phone. In addition if you have a limited subscription; you will avoid bad surprises on your bills. It’s easy to select a Wi-Fi network. You go to “Settings” and then Wi-Fi, turn on the Wi-Fi button to turn green, and then select the network you want to connect to. Of course the password will be asked if the network is protected. But luckily your iPhone will automatically recognize the network the next time you get close to it.

Utilisez au Maximum les réseaux Wi-Fi disponibles

Utilisez au Maximum les réseaux Wi-Fi disponibles

What’s good with Wi-Fi is its speed, and the fact that we use less battery when connected. The downside is that if you there is no Wi-Fi access, when you take the subway for example; your phone is constantly searching for a Wi-Fi to connect to; and it is totally killing your iPhone battery! So as soon as you are out Wi-Fi zone disable this one.


Turn off Bluetooth when you’re not using it

You use Bluetooth at home to connect to your Bluetooth speaker and listen to music … But outside home you do not have a Bluetooth headset? Disconnect it! You will prevent your phone from looking for a device to pair or just locate the Bluetooth devices around you. This trick looks ridiculous; but we talk about a few minutes of iPhone battery life and more every day. Personally I have a free Bluetooth hand kit in my car; but I always turn off my Bluetooth as soon as I’m parked. Nothing more simple, you go in the “Settings” then you select “Bluetooth” and you can disable or enable it at will!

Disable the location service! You will not get lost.

In fact we talked a lot about this service because of its cost when we were abroad … And then with the roaming fees in Europe that have fallen, we have tended to forget that this service had another disadvantage ; that of emptying the iPhone battery. It is true that it is a great utility, especially when you get lost in a foreign city; but finally everyday we are rarely lost in our neighborhood! This nice function is very greedy in energy; I advise you to disable it when you do not need it. It is simple to disable; but I noticed in that we can easily forgot where is this function. Go to “Settings” then “Privacy” then “Location Service” and you easily disable. Remember to reactivate it if you use Waze, Maps or just want to share your location with friends

Make iPhone iOS updates

Ouh la! I see from here the protesters: The updates are always bugged! It’s a hell we lose our contacts! … Calm; I do not tell you to do the automatic update as soon as it is available; I advise you to wait a dozen days til’ it has been corrected before installing. And of course remember to back up your iPhone before any update. Know that Apple has been strongly criticized for this big negative point that is the life of their batteries; many of these updates include optimizations for the iPhone battery. And yes ! So I advise you not to activate the automatic update; just go to “Settings”, then “General” and click on “Software Update”. As you see on my iPhone the “Automatic Updates” are disabled; but my phone was up to date while I have wrote the article.


Disable push notifications

2 tips in one! It is true that this “Push” is very practical; but it consumes everything … And I do not tell you what it will cost you if you forget to disable this false friend that is “Push” when you go to Europe or faraway countries! Finally I advise you to disable notifications “Push” Apps that are not essential for you to hear from your family or other. Personally I use a lot What’s App and Messenger when I travel to stay in touch; but I disable notifications from Instagram, Facebook and other networks. It’s up to you to make the right choice that will allow you to preserve the iPhone battery without being disconnected completely. To access go to “Settings” then “Notifications”; I advise you in “Show previews” to select “If unlocked”; this avoids prying eyes on the messages that arrive to you. And then think carefully for each Application if you really need these notifications; For each Application you have the option to select the type of notifications. The less you select the better it is!

Let’s go to the “Push” mode for emails; Apple had the big idea a few years after BlackBerry to put this mode in place. Great as soon as you open your Mail account; they are already downloaded! Less great: it uses the iPhone battery permanently; while if you change the setting to manual mode and download your emails when opening the App, you will not even see the download especially with Wi-Fi! To fix this situation nothing more simple. You go to “Settings” then “Passwords and accounts” and at the bottom of the page “New data”; you touch “Push” and you can choose how to recover your data. The “push” option is selected by default and is the most battery-consuming; the option Manually is the least consumer; but you can of course choose to pick up your mails every hour; which will be a great step forward for your iPhone battery. Sorry but here too we see my confidential information on the photos; so I will refrain from showing you a screenshot!


Ayez le moins de comptes Mail possible

Easy to say, less easy to do. The iPhone allows you to have a large number of email accounts; but the more you have, the more your battery suffers. Personally I have 6 Mail accounts; but I left only my professional main account on my iPhone, friends know how to contact me differently, and I’m sure it’s the same for you! If you manage to choose an email account to delete, here’s how: Go to “Settings” and then “Passwords and accounts”; at this level I will not show you images because I keep my accounts confidential, but click on the account and delete it.


Disable the Audio Equalizer of your iPhone

The equalizer? what’s that? Yes I know a lot of people have never heard about it and yet this function that I use in my car for example, allows all your music titles to have the same sound volume. It is useful when you listen to music that does not come from files of the same quality; but it consumes a lot of iPhone battery! That’s how to disable it quickly. You go to “Settings” and then go down to “Music” Then you can turn off the equalizer, but also the cellular data. If your children have iPhone I advise you all to activate the function “Maximum Volume”; this will limit the volume of their headphones to avoid deafness problems. And here we go to the next.

Use Airplane Mode Wisely

It’s the biggest iPhone battery saver; if you are in a meeting, listening to music, watching pictures, … and you do not need a connection to make a call or an internet connection think about it. It’s a little radical but it can save you the battery until your end of the day! This is the easiest mode to activate, since as soon as you are in “Settings” You visualize the small plane of “Airplane Mode”, Green is activated, White is deactivated!

Empty your iPhone battery completely several times a year

Doing complete recharging cycles is an effective way to maintain your battery … Even Apple, if you’ve read their flies manuals, says, “To maintain a lithium battery, you need the electrons it contains. set in motion from time to time. Be sure to perform at least one full charge cycle per month. “. By a charging cycle they want to say that you have to let your iPhone fully discharge until it turns off and you recharge it 100% right after. Easy!


Think about managing the sound intelligently!

It is likely that you have already done what was necessary to save your iPhone battery without knowing it. Because there is nothing more annoying than the ticking of the sound of the keys when we write sms and others! If by annoying you have disabled, bravo! You have saved your battery without knowing it. Now if you do not know how to do it; this is the simplest tip to implement. You go to “Settings” and select “Sounds”. I will not tell you to turn off the ringtone or activate the “Silent” mode which saves a lot of battery; but start by turning off the “keyboard clicks”, it will be a good start, and if you use your phone in front of you, put it on silent you will make good profits in terms of battery.

Réglages sons

Réglages sons

Pay attention to the big heat waves we have in summer!

The heat and even more the sun are harmful for the life of your iPhone battery in the long run. Leave an iPhone in full sun is catastrophic; and then it will get stuck due to overheating and you will have to wait for hours to reuse it if it still has battery. So the phone at the beach is in the bag in the shade! Easy this tip not? The most extreme sites say that you gain on the loading time if you take the iPhone out of the case when you load it; but I did the test and is not found that very convincing … So for this tip we forget. But beware the UV are also bad for your health!


Disable cellular data!

Cellular data was a real nuisance when you were abroad before the fees were lowered between operators. Disabling cellular data is like cutting the 3G/4G and having access to your e-mails & Internet only when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. It’s a bit drastic as a method because you will not have access anymore. on the phone and SMS; but it can be effective when you see that your battery level is flirting with red!

To disable them, nothing more simple; go to “Settings” then “Cellular data”

Stop playing!

I know, it will make more than one laugh; but you have no idea how much the games are battery consumers. So if you have an important call to go or receive and do not have a battery backup on hand; I strongly advise you to take your trouble in hand and not play before having made your call. Even a little game like Candy Crush is a real PacMan of the battery!


Leave your iPhone connected to your Mac or PC!

Sounds completely stupid to you? But how many people leave their iPhone in their bag when they are in the office? Almost everyone! And in the evening when leaving work; the battery is flat! So think about it; connect your iPhone to your Mac and PC and escaping from work in the evening, you will have your battery fully charged! Just think of taking your USB cable with you!

Good to know ; today, restaurants & bars are also equipped with USB plugs to charge smartphones; the cable may soon allow us to replace the battery backup if everyone is equipped with such sockets 😉


Disable Effects & Animation for Apps & Mails!

Yes it is true that it will remove a little charm to your navigation on the iPhone; but when you really want to save battery everything is good to take, and moreover, these effects are not essential for the smooth operation of your iPhone. Here is where this hidden tip lies: Go to “Settings”, then “General”, then “Accessibility” and finally “Reduce animations”. As soon as you select the function it will also reduce the effects on the messages!

Disable AirDrop!

Personally I never share photos or files via AirDrop; maybe because I’m skeptical about his level of security. If you are like me and you do not use it at all or just from time to time then consider turning it off. It consumes a little, but it consumes anyway!

To access nothing more simple, go to “Settings”, then “General”, then “AirDrop”; first limit the function to your contacts only for security and if you do not use it, disable the function completely.

Pay attention to the automatic update of the Apps!

I do not know if you agree with me; but it’s pretty cool to have all your apps up to date without worrying about it; and hop, new versions of Facebook, Instagram, … are on the iPhone and we can use immediately and enjoy the new features! But here is the “awesome” have a price that pays heavily on the iPhone battery; if at this time your phone is not charging, it may even go until it goes out! So we go from awesome to nightmarish. I would recommend, if you really want to save battery life, to disable these so fantastic automatic updates! And I can tell you that it’s more than precious minutes you’ll win!

Here’s how: Go to “Settings” and then “iTunes Store and App Store” and disable “Updates”

If you do not want to take advantage of this battery saving and have your Apps updated automatically; do not forget to disable the “Cellular Data” for these updates; they will be done in this case when you are connected to Wi-Fi, and will be faster and less greedy.


You do not use Siri? Forget it!

I know it’s the great fashion of personal assistants; but personally Siri annoys me more than anything else and in addition he nibbles my battery! So, if you are in my case; disable it by going to “Settings” then “Siri and search”, then you select the key “Press to ask Siri” and the iPhone offers you to Disable Siri. Click on it and you’re done!

And here are all my tips to help you conserve maximum battery!

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