The external battery Anker Astro for Smartphone has a low price,  but does the job!

The external battery Anker Astro for Smartphone has a low price, but does the job!

24 June 2019 0 By Séverine

For being able to make my Street Art Walk article in the 13th district of Paris, I needed an external battery, especially as my iPhone 6 is unfortunately a phone & camera with a very limited autonomy!

So after a good research I decide to by the external battery Anker Astro E1 which was in promo for 19.99 euros on Amazon! All the tests on the IT sites was quite conclusive, moreover this battery can work with many other brands of smartphone, so it is potentially ideal for helping my friends;-)


First positive impression when unpacking this small external battery

On sale at 20 Euros; I confess I did not expect that much! So it was a nice surprise when I opened my Amazon package. The packaging is ultra-compact and pretty. It corresponds with the reputation of the brand: a Made in China  of good quality!

Unexpensive external batterie for smartphone

Once the packaging is open, here is what we discover:

  • The battery that when it is taken in hand looks good made with a resistant plastic.
  • A charging cable to charge the battery form a computer or AC with a USB adapter
  • A carrying case. Frankly on that point I can tell this is a cheap case!
  • A Welcome Guide in English (not nice for French people like me), illustrated; which is very simple, but I am not sure very useful if we are considering the 200% easy-to-use of the product.
  • The famous paper « Happy ? / Not Happy ?» which invites you to share your happiness regarding the product on Social Networks. This paper has contributed to build the power of Anger brand on Social medias. And if you are not happy, they are providing all the phone numbers of the customer services!

external battery Anker Astro E1: content of the packaging

As you will understand, at this price the lightning cable is not provide! anyway I already get mine…

Small positive point the battery was already half-charged when delivered.

External battery Anker Astro E1 is already charged while you buy it!

Before using this small external battery I start by loading it completely!

De mon côté je l’ai tout de suite mise en charge à 17h sur mon MacBook Air et le chargement final s’est terminé à 19 h. Donc 2 heures de charge pour la moitié de la batterie. Les petites LED bleues sur le dessus sont toutes allumées et je n’ai plus qu’à la mettre dans mon sac ; en espérant que cette batterie de secours soit fiable !

I immediately pu it on charge at 5pm on my MacBook Air and the final loading ended at 7pm. So 2 hours for charging half of the battery. The small blue LEDs on top are all lit and I just have to pu it in my bag; hoping this backup battery is reliable!

As on ¾ IT sites; they indicate that it loads in 4 hours; I see that I am in the right average.


The Anker battery has completely recharged my iPhone 6 in 2 hours and 10 minutes !

After more than an hour of shooting Street Art and also posting in my Instagram using geotag; my iPhone shut down at 3.18pm! This is the perfect time to use this famous Anker external battery! I plugged it and 2 minutes later the phone turns back on with 4% of battery. I enter my PIN code and unlock the phone. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are activate and I make three calls during the charging session and also have a look at my social networks. The beginning of the charge was very fast, then it fades a little; at 4.50 pm I am at 91% and I arrived at 100% at 5.28pm; it mean 2.10 hours after the complete failure! At this point I am really amazed. The battery is now having only 3 blue LEDs and I will see how many times I can charges my iPhone with this low pricing battery!


Second refill!

This time my Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are disconnected and I have decide not using the phone while charging. 2 hours without a smartphone is already a big detox!

The phone turns off completely at 1.25pm; as before I plug the battery directly and it turns on, like the first time, after 2 minutes! I enter the PIN CODE and unlocks it and I do not touch it anymore! Huge effort!

The battery switch with only 2 LEDs lit at 1.44pm and the phone already has 24% battery. I reach 91% at 2.50pm and 100% at 3.25pm. So after 2 hours the battery of my iPhone is finally full and it take only 2 hours and the battery is still having 2 LEDs lit! I cannot believe that I have already 2 full loads…

And as I have only won 10 minutes thanks to my detox, I will continue using the phone normally during my next charge.


Third refill and maybe the last one!

With 2 full loads of my iPhone 6 I already find that this battery is a good investment. If I get to a third share it seems almost miraculous! So I waited for my phone to shut down; I helped him a bit by playing games on it;-)

The phone turned off at 2.47pm and as usual turns on again two minutes later with 4% of battery; just entered PIN code and unlock makes a LED goes off on the Anker battery! I just understood that I certainly would not be able to fully charge my phone again. At 2.39pm; 52 minutes after plugged my battery, the last LED goes out and my phone is charged at 57%!


In conclusion this unexpensive battery have charged ½ mon iPhone 6. Personally I estimate this is the best investment I have made in a long time.

Honnêtement à ce tarif là il n’y a absolument rien à redire ; le rapport qualité prix est juste excellent et cette petite batterie fait plus que le Job ! Personnellement je ne peux plus m’en passer. Bien sûr si vous n’aimez pas la version blanche de cette batterie Anker; vous pouvez aussi la trouver en noir ou bleu. Vous l’avez compris je vous la recommande les yeux fermés ; surtout au tarif affiché en ce moment par Amazon ! Cette batterie est le complément idéal avec ma solution de réserve de stockage photo; je suis parée pour de nouveaux reportages Street Art longues durées !

Honestly at this price there is absolutely nothing to complain about; the value for money is just excellent and this little battery is doing the job!

I can’t live without it anymore! of course if you don’t like the white version, you can also find it in black or blue. You have understood it, I am recommending this battery, and you can buy it with your eyes closed; especially while there is promotion on Amazon! This battery is the perfect complementary iPhone accessories I have needed in addition with my photo storage solution! I am ready for ne long Street Art Walk and articles! Let’s go!