Noma restaurant in Copenhagen: an extraordinary dining experience!

Noma restaurant in Copenhagen: an extraordinary dining experience!

29 May 2019 0 By Séverine

Why do you I want to talk about Noma, the Copenhagen restaurant that has 2 Michelin stars and was considered as best restaurant in the world 4 times in a row? Simply because it drastically changes my vision of the restaurant; it offers an extraordinary dining experience in an almost family setting. It’s a trip to unknown land with fresh local product, plates set up elegantly and sometimes very simply. I came out transformed; extremely happy to have discovered new flavors and tasted products that I did not know they were existed until then. Not to mention the passion of chef René Redzepi which is overflowing in each of his creations!


Pourquoi la cuisine Danoise est-elle aussi bonne ?

Before talking about Noma who is the flagship of the Danish culinary art; I still have a remark to make … I lived more than 16 years in Lyon and therefore I love cooking fresh and quality products; hence my little test of the Yuka App published on the blog few days ago. But when I went to Copenhagen I quickly realized that it ate better and especially more balanced than Lyon … And this is the first time that it happens to me … Whether you go, “troquet”, restaurant or bistro; you will always have fresh and local products; so a lot of fish, crustaceans. In fact the basic rule of so-called restoration places is to make only fresh products: Frozen or pre-prepared products are prohibited!

tartare de bar au Kodbyens Fiskbar de Copenhague

The smallest open sandwich “smorrebrod” is presented with a very particular attention and often as good and tasty as a traditional dish. And if you like raw fish you will be impressed by all the recipes that are still unknown in France; even the hippest places like the Kodbyens Fiskbar will put you on the table something can have a Michelin star! In short, you’ll understand Denmark is the bursts of taste buds!

When we arrive at Noma, we are going to a family home!

The door passed; I find myself in front of the whole brigade! And little intimidated to see Chief René Redzepi and all his brigade at attention with a huge smile on their faces! They are here welcome me. Super warm welcome and warm place too; I soon felt like home; Noma is the kingdom of the Danish Hygge and anti-bling-bling by excellence. It floats in the atmosphere something sweet and friendly; that we find in the service; because for each dish, it is a different person who comes to explain it to you with his accent, his smile and also his career; because here the person who brings you the dishes are also in the kitchen! Many of them have made their weapons at Bocuse, Hélène Darroze, …

pomme revisitee au restaurant Noma de Copenhaguehuitre fraiche pêchée du matin servie au restaurant Noma de Copenhague

Consumption of northern plains grasses, oyster caught the same morning from the paradise archipelago of North West Sweden, frayed with royal crab in its coral juice and guava, dark chocolate lollipop and bitter cherry … Each bite is a delirium of flavor … I had not imagined that one could make alliances so happy and more than exquisite …  Yes to a damn to return quickly? Yes !

effiloche de crabe royale et consommé de corail et goyave. restaurant Noma Copenhagueecrevisse, oirgnons caramelisés, pointes de lavande composent l'assiette servie au restaurant Noma de Copenhague

It is at the limit of indecency as it’s good and it brings the kitchen and all that goes with at a completely different level … Take this fossilized seaweed sprayed with white chocolate! It’s crunchy, it’s melting, it combines sweetness and with the iodine of the seabed; it’s surprising, entertaining and so good!

sucette au chocolat noir et cerise amere. restaurant Noma Copenhaguealgue fossilisée pulvérisée de chocolat blanc. restaurant Noma Copenhague

I will not tell you about visiting the kitchens and their research workshop; but here at Noma it’s a 6-hour trip that changes the face of all the gourmet ideas we had before!


Noma reinvents the codes of the kitchen and if I am talking about restaurants in this blog again, they will have to be at this level!

You have just understood the reason for this article, because of course I do not tell you to rush to Noma; unless you have the bank account for it. But they are young leaders, they dusted off Grandma’s kitchen and create new explosive, subtle and charming alliances for your taste buds. While taking great care with the quality of their ingredients. And promising young chefs there are many more than you think and especially at affordable prices. I decided to set the bar very high; because going to the restaurant to eat what you can do at home is not very interesting. See you soon for new culinary discoveries!