Yuka: Why don’t we stopped junk food, and the diseases that go with it?

Yuka: Why don’t we stopped junk food, and the diseases that go with it?

28 May 2019 0 By Séverine

The Yuka App has been around for some time; but speaking of it in my environment in France, I see that almost nobody knows it! So my friends poison themselves, poison their friends and family without knowing it. The diseases related to poor nutrition are not only the fault of the industrials food-makers!


It’s up to you to choose what your body is eating. The industrialist does not force you to eat!

Personally I eat almost only fresh products; I am addict of the fresh market … Not always organic; but rather products from reasonable agriculture. That’s it I see you coming; you take me for a dictatorial vegetarian. I assure you immediately I eat everything and even meat! From the moment the product is fresh and I can cooked it myself.

Few years ago, I fought with friends who gave industrial daily bread to their children. They find it so so so good! But the added additives promote cardiovascular problems and are factors of obesity! Amazing for a product that looks so light and so good!


Yuka is not an App that will change your life; but certainly make you change your point of view on some products …

Logo App YukaAs I have almost only fresh products at home; I went, Smartphone in hand with the Yuka App already installed, at a friend’s house who has children. She works a lot and does not have a huge time to cook; so we find in her fridge jams, mayonnaise, all ready prepared for pasta, … In general, this friend tries to choose “light” products or that look high quality.


I open the refrigerator and there I start scanning barcodes. For some products like jams I have no real surprise; but for others I do not understand why they are still sold; because really bad for health! Come on I show you what it looks like on 4 types of products to give you an idea. Of course the Screenshots are in French, but you will 100% have a view on what I am pointing!


Jam is normally 50% fruit + 50% sugar

If you done house made jam for yourself, you know how sweet it is; we can limit the damage by taking organic fruits and decreasing the% sugar but it’s still sweet of course … In the fridge I find a jar of light jam of a brand of type “delicatessen” Albert Menes and a jam from our French Basque countryside Black Cherry brand Miguel Gorry looks super good, I scan:

résultat App Yuka Marmelade Orange Albert Menesrésultat App Yuka Confiture de Cerises Noires Michel Gorry

It’s too sweet ! Yes but finally it’s jam!The little thing that bothers me is that one has only 40% of Fruits and the other 62% and that the sugar level is not so different between the “light” one and the normal … Personally I would opt for the one that has more fruits, even if it’s sweet.


The mayonnaise ! It is normally fat and the recipe consists of just 6 condiments: egg yolk, mustard, vinegar, oil, salt & pepper.

After the sweet, I’m in the fat … Yes but mayonnaise and children in France is a love story! So I scan a Lesieur mayonnaise; mark that everyone knows for years … And there is the fact that it is very caloric; my eyes widen:

résultat App Yuka Mayonnaise Lesieurrésultat App Yuka Mayonnaise a la moutarde de dijon marque casino

In addition to calories we find 8 additives, 1 of which is harmful to health and the worst of saturated fats, which we know have the super power, when they are too consumed to lead straight to bad cholesterol. The Yuka App offers us another alternative mayonnaise from the Casino brand that has only 4 addictive without impact on health and a satisfactory fat balance.


Butter ; used for children’s sandwiches; it is “light” in this fridge.

As I said above, my friend tries to pay attention to feeding her children; and she will hallucinate by seeing what her Bridelight Sweet butter contains 15% fat. Hold on!

résultat scanne App Yuka Bridelight Doux 15% de matière grasse résultat du scan App Yuka pate à tartiner Primevère Bio

No less than 2 harmful addicts, 1 to avoid and 1 doubtful! The shock ! And the balance of fats “Bad at 73%”. This is the prove that consuming “light” products does not mean anything. The Yuka App suggests a substitute Organic Spread Fat Primevere. You will understand at a glance that there is no picture between these two products.


Long live the summer, long live the barbecues; the chipolata kids love it!

The barbecue is certainly part of the Top 3 pleasures of the summer; and so the chipolata is unavoidable! And of course I find in the fridge a brand that I do not know but that inspires confidence “At Aunt Edith”; it’s very French, no?

Mauvais résultat scan App Yuka - Chipolatas Chez tante Edithrésultat scan App Yuka avec Chipolatas aux herbes carrefour

Well at Aunt Edith we love additives! The App advices Carrefour’s Chipolatas aux Herbes! You do not dream. No additives at all. But a little too much salt.


How to shop when you know all those horrible things because of Yuka?

In fact the App is super simple to use, even when shopping. Because it’s easy to dip your head in a friend’s fridge with her Smartphone, but what does it give you on a daily basis?

Saturday night I missed some basic products, those we can’t buy at the fresh market. So I went to a small supermarket and opened the App and scanned the items I used to take because the brands look serious or healthy. Basically I changed butter, crackers and small Swiss brand. This is not a great revolution; but all these addictives that we swallow and are creating new diseases. If with your Yuka App, like me you no longer buy these horrors, manufacturers will have to change their behave and make better products. It’s as simple as that. !

It’s up to you to see if you want to live older in good health or with multiple problems. For the moment the Yuka App is independent of any industrial group; so this is the moment to use it. What’s more: the recommended products are not necessarily more expensive than the ones you buy!

Of course it is available on iOS or Android 😉

Good Ap ‘and see you soon!