Waterproof case or shell? How to protect your smartphone from water and sand during the holidays?

Waterproof case or shell? How to protect your smartphone from water and sand during the holidays?

28 May 2019 0 By Séverine

You think that I think too much on vacation! I confirm it to you! And I had with me my memory reserve for my iPhone 6 which I told you in a previous article! But at the last moment I realized that I did not have a waterproof case! So I went in search of the best waterproof case as faster as possible!

Smartphones are becoming more & more expensive and apart from some exceptions none are 200% Waterproof to date. Even less my iPhone 6! What’s more, water is not the only enemy of the smartphone; sand is a disaster that causes scratches but can also damage your connectors.


Do not be fooled by inexpensive cases or shell in terms of protection against water there is a serious certification to take into account!

If you search the web for this type of waterproof case for your smartphone; you will discover a real Alibaba cave! But be careful to start your choice you must first know the IP index of your equipment; it is its sealing index; that we can compare to the index of a sunscreen!

The IP rating is an international standard that ranks the level of tightness of the material; a low index like IP1 indicates that your material is just protected against vertical drops of water drops. An IP9 index means that the closed equipment is hermetic. You understand that the higher the index is, the stronger the protection against water you have! If you want to know more about this standard; you can take a tour on Wikipedia.


If the case you have spotted has no IP; forget it right away! your Smartphone would be unprotected!

First of all like you, I asked myself the question of the case (pouch) or the hull … As I sometimes go boating; I opted for the pouch, simply because you can slip on it key, CB or ticket and if you change the smartphone; we can keep it for the next phone. I note in passing that it is also cheaper to buy.

As I read some articles on IT blogs that offered material without index or IPX4 material; I turned to my band of Geeks’s friends who do windsurfing, kayaking and other water activities and also to those who have boats. They were all formal; below IPX7; it’s not even worth thinking about! In fact only the IPX7 index protects against temporary immersion for up to 30 minutes.


The results of my research is quite amazing; because all the water sports specialists have never mentioned a single high-tech brand!

After scouring the High-Tech sites and comparative test benches; the survey of water sports enthusiasts was quite revealing. They do not trust High Tech brands or known IT sites to protect their Smartphone or other electronic device from water; especially seawater. For them, the specialists are brands that provide Waterproof equipment to professionals and some still recommend decathlon (I guess you have some in US) for the quality of their products.

Instead of making yourself a top 5 of the best waterproof case; I will tell you the serious brands that have been recommended to me and also what cover I finally bought and my green on this one!

Aquapac :

Housse étanche pour smartphone, iphone, aquapac, waterproof

This British brand was created in 1983 by riders; it is the N ° 1 in Europe for the waterproof case! They protect all nautical related devices: VHF RADIO, cameras, MP3 players, backpacks, electronic connections. This is the brand for sportsmen by excellence and it will cost you between 20 and 30 Euros depending on the size of your Smartphone. The design of the protections is not great; but at least with this mark the Smartphone is safe





Accastillage Diffusion :

housse étanche, waterproof pour smartphone, iphone, samsung de la marque seawagIt is a distributor in boat equipment; they have 100 stores in France and a website with almost all their products. It was recommended to me by friends who go boating very often. The advantage is that we find different brands already tested by them. Their selection of products is very strict and as they have a large sales volume; the pricing are pretty good! You will find besides the covers of Aquapac, the cheaper brand Seawag that makes IPX8 covers from 13.90 Euros! You can also buy Seawag products on their site (but it’s odd they are more expensive than at Accastillage Diffusion). Of course Seawag cases are also available on Amazon. But all my friends are formal the best prices are those of Accastillage!



A French Brand at Decathlon :

One of my friends from Biarritz advises me the case of the brand French Surf System that we find at Decathlon … So I dive! The “brand” is actually a “brand distributor” and sincerely I do not think the manufacturing is French! I paid my case15 euros; it is IPX8 and floating; but there is also one at 9 euros; it depends on your smartphone. personally; I do not see much difference between brands. And I found the idea of ​​small floats quite nice at first, but in fact the use of these little puddings around the smartphone are really unpleasant while taping on it!


In conclusion :

I am not 100% satisfied with my purchase because I turned to an easy solution … The decathlon is between my work and my home! If we had to redo it ; I will turn to brands like Seawag or Aquapac and trust the equipment manufacturers for water sports or navigation. They are at the same level of pricing than any High Tech company in the field of water protection. So don’t do like me; in addition to the price is almost identical!

So my turn to wish you great holiday and do not hesitate to send me a photo of your smartphone that swims!