If you have an iPhone, plan more memory for the holidays!

If you have an iPhone, plan more memory for the holidays!

24 May 2019 0 By Séverine

The beautiful days are coming, and first  really exotic holidays with. They reserve us wonderful surprises each year and often their lots of disillusionment for hyper-connected people like me! It is not because we think we have all planned that we do not need spare wheels … When we go on an adventure, we often forget that we are very spoiled in France in terms of connection and 3G / 4G coverage … And that our Cloud will save our life if we abuse taking pictures … No!

I paid the price … A trip to Cuba … No 3G (I do not even talk about 4G) … No internet! (it is rationed) and the memory of the iPhone that saturates quickly … And of course no camera on hand since our dear phone is multitasking and in Cuba to buy something other than cigars and rum, you must have serious connections …

After this disillusionment, I made a selection of keys with Lightning port by eliminating bad keys and retaining only the top of the basket … You choose according to the uses you want to make; for my part I opted for a very inexpensive alternative solution, which you will discover at the end of the article!

The SanDisk ixpand Flash : Star of the moment!

clé usb lightning pour iPhone Sandisk

This is the reference in the field; will allow you to free up space quickly on iPhone & iPad, automatically back up your photos, watch streaming videos stored on the key and transfer everything to your computer at a correct speed as it has a port USB 3.0.

Count 56,98 Euros TTC for 128 Go on Amazon.


Clé mémoire leef iBridge pour iPhoneIn alternative, more fun to use because the App is much simpler and more intuitive and lighter than SanDisk I have selected the  Leef iBridge 3, for which it will still cost 82,62 euros TTC on Amazon for 128 Go. I find it a little expensive especially since the USB port is a USB 2.0!


The HooToo iPhone Flash Drive: An aluminum case that combines strength and lightness

clé Hootoo USB lightning pour iPhone

HooToo is a serious brand that of course have the Apple MFI certification … So no worries; we find all the features of the SanDisk, plug & play, … A very different look; but beautiful transfer speeds for this key also equipped with a USB 3.0 port.

It is not found it with some resellers because the market is dominated by SanDisk; but on Amazon no worries! The price at 64,99 Euros TTC for128 Gb is quite reasonable considering the quality of the product.


The Omars 128 GB: simply efficient at a fair price!

Clé USB OMARS de 128 Go pour iPhoneLess known but just as effective as the others and which also included the possibility of encryption and a backup App; the key Omars; this brand is often reasonable price side … Just because the distribution is done online and so we do not have to pay the margin of resellers … So for the 128Gb version it takes only 54,98 Euros TTC on Amazon !



My alternative solution / My choice: An adapter / SD card reader with possibility of transfer in both directions!

After asking my Techs contacts for advice on the best solution to this problem of memory saturation of the iPhone; I realised that the investment of a USB flash drive with lightning port was a bit high considering the policy of Apple who likes to change its ports lightning a little too often … Which means that at the next change of lightning the famous key is obsolete!

And I have plenty of SD / Micro SD card in my drawers … So I looked for a solution that looks like the adapter lightning from Apple to SD card But that can instead of only the transfer from the card to the phone -what Apple offers-, also transfer from the phone to the card.

Adaptateur leef Lightning MicroSD pour iphone

After a big research, I bought on the Amazon the Leef iAccess à 89,28 Euros TTC. It offers the ability to transfer your iPhone photos to any MicroSD you already have. It’s just super-economical and offers you all the storage capacity you want without having to buy it. Economical, practical and compact! The only negative point is that we can’t make backup or encrypt its data …

This accessory perfectly meets my needs to save my photos and free the memory of my iPhone while traveling. If you are in the same case, I highly recommend it!



And if you go boating, kitesurfing or any other water sport during your vacation; you will find valuable tips in my fothcoming article to choose the best waterproof cover for your precious Smartphone!